Mayor Announces Plans To Expand Atlanta Streetcar System

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first_img Legal Advocate Discusses Medical Abuse At Shut Down Georgia ICE Facility Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed says there are plans to expand the Atlanta Streetcar system to the east, which would connect it with the Atlanta BeltLine trail.Reed announced the plans Wednesday, during the annual State of the City business breakfast.Reed said the city is taking the “first steps” to connect the Atlanta Streetcar’s downtown track eastward by three-quarters of a mile. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the extension would connect the streetcar with the BeltLine.The streetcar’s current 2.7-mile route opened on Dec. 30 and includes a dozen stops. Share Add to My List In My List ‘It’s Fractured’: Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan On Healing Republican Party Related Stories For Whom The Bell Rings last_img read more

Dockwise hints at leaving Dutch flag

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first_imgIn an official statement Dockwise says that “as the ability of governments to offer military protection is limited, the ability for ship owners to employ additional private protection is of the utmost importance”, adding that “despite several appeals, private protection onboard Dutch vessels could meet with legal impediments”. Other nations do allow for such added protection measures, says Dockwise and it “eventually may be forced to have its vessels sail under a different flag if restrictions are not eased imminently”.On the growing piracy problem Andre Goedae, Dockwise’s CEO, comments: “As an oil and gas service provider, our vessels – which as a consequence of their specific nature have been labeled by experts to be very vulnerable to pirate attacks – have to enter pirate-infested waters most months of the year. At this point we are not allowed to protect our employees adequately against pirates, while other nations do allow for added security measures. Our clients, too, request added security measures for their employees and cargoes onboard. In the interest of our employees and because of the increasing pressure from the industry itself, we may be forced to seek other alternatives – such as bringing the vessels under a different jurisdiction and flag – if regulations are not adapted quickly. We would regret having to take such a decision, but we are left with no choice should the Dutch government remain idle.”Dockwise says that it has directed attention to the piracy problem through various channels in the recent past, adding that territorial protection by means of patrolling naval vessels or having military personnel onboard for personal and object protection are desired solutions.”However, in view of the size of the area and the sheer number of vessels that pass through this area, the navy cannot be expected to respond to each distress call in time. Unlike in other nations, Dutch law does not allow for armed private security companies to be contracted. The protection of vessels by means of armed escort vessels – contracted by the cargo’s owner – in some isolated cases can be a solution, but many cargo owners are unable or not prepared to contract private security companies,” says Dockwise.In concluding, Dockwise says that although it is clear that a long term sustainable solution to the piracy problem necessitates a much wider and structural approach including international engagement of people and authorities in the relevant areas, the improvement of prosecution and imprisonment of pirates, coordinated attacks on mother vessels and many other measures, a solution for the dangerous problems that ships face this very moment is required in the very short term.The company is making an urgent appeal to the Dutch government to pro-actively seek an effective solution to the problem of vessel protection, including the ability to contract adequate private security. “Dutch vessels must be able to offer the same level of security to employees and clients as those vessels that sail under flags of other nations.”last_img read more

Jerusalem – Tel Aviv electrification completed

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first_img#*#*Show Fullscreen*#*# Photos: ISRA Bombardier-built Traxx electric loco and double-deck trainset arrives at Hertzliya station following a test run from Jerusalem.zoom inzoom outISRAEL: Israel Railways began test running of electric trains between Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University and Hertzliya on September 6, following the completion of 25 kV 50 Hz electrification on the northern section of the Ayalon Corridor.According to ISR CEO Micha Maiksner, the electrification to Hertzliya has been completed six months ahead of schedule. Work was accelerated following the negotiation of a revised contract with Spanish contractor SEMI at the behest of the ministries of transport and finance. This saw electric trains reaching Tel Aviv Savidor three months ago. Thanking the contractors for their efforts, Maiksner said ‘the completion of electrification along the entire length of the A1 line, together with the vigorous work to electrify the lines to Ashqelon and Keshet Hasharon, prove the viability of accelerating the electrification programme.’#*#*Show Fullscreen*#*# Photos: ISR/Cloud ViewAerial view of the upgraded Hertzliya station looking north towards Haifa. The electric train in the centre is about to leave for Jerusalem Navon for a test run; a SEMI electrification works train can be seen on the right.zoom inzoom outFollowing the testing of electric trains without passengers, commercial services are expected to start within the next few weeks. ISR plans to operate two through trains per hour in each direction at a maximum speed of 160 km/h, offering journey times from Jerusalem’s Yitzhak Navon station of 47 min to Tel Aviv University and 55 min to Hertzliya. Connections will be provided at Hertzliya with services to Ra’anana, Hod Hasharon/Sokolov and Kfar-Sava Nordau.‘Completion of the electric train link between Jerusalem Navon and Hertzliya, as part of the electrification of the rail network, will provide a better solution than travelling in a private car, reduce air pollution and allow a green and quiet train ride’, commented Minister of Transport & Road Safety Miri Regev. ‘As I said when I took over as minister, the only solution to the problem of traffic jams in Israel is through accessible, convenient and advanced public transport.’last_img read more

Interview: Noah Schnacky discusses his new songs, making the most of quarantine and his dreams

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first_imgBig Machine Records recording artist Noah Schnacky won over UK Country fans when he made his first trip here for C2C: Country to Country 2019.With a number of tracks under his belt, and more than 51 million streams, Noah is making the next step in his musical journey today with the release of new songs Comeback and Where’d You Go. A big step forward for the rising star, the songs show a different side to his talent.I caught up with Noah this week to talk about quarantine, discuss the new songs and find out what his dreams for the future are…Hi Noah. How are you coping in quarantine?I’ve just been using this opportunity. My big thing going into this, was that I just wanted to come out of quarantine a different person than when I went into it. I’ve really been, as much as I can be, diving into social media. I’ve been working out every day in my house, doing pull ups on the stairs and stuff. I’m really proud of the progress that we’ve made so far. Really the big thing for me when it came to social media wasn’t about going live as much as it was me wanting to turn fans into friends more often. I want to be able to talk and to rely on my fans, and to believe in my fans as much as they believe in me. I wanted to take this opportunity to go deep with them. I’ve been going live every night for two and a half to three hours. I just did my 51st broadcast in a row last night. I’ve really been enjoying the idea of creating a family online so I’ve been doing that. I’ve been doing this thing called Cyber Serenades where I’ll go online, find somebody’s profile on Instagram or something, and just get inspired by the information I find on them and write a complete song about who they are and and what I love about them. I’ll put that out on social media for the world to hear and then shout them out. It’s just my way of reminding people that I’m there, I’m watching and I care.This is what I always love about you. You’re so positive and you always find the best in every situation. It’s quite infectious…Thank you man! Wow, that’s a great compliment. In this period of time, I’ve had a complete mind shift. It’s so cool because a lot of times I’m a people pleaser. When I do things, I want to make sure that I’m pleasing everyone watching and I want to make sure that I’m doing my absolute best. I don’t want to let anybody down. This period of time has allowed me to realise that I can’t be that. When I want to start a conversation with my best friend, or my dad, or my sister, I’m not sitting there thinking, ‘I hope I’m pleasing them with what I’m saying right now’. I’m just talking to them. You only get to that point with time spent with those people so that they can learn who you are in your heart, not just what you’re saying in a thesis statement one time online. Getting to go deep with them every single day, like I have been and getting to create content about them and learn more about them, and getting to know like my my online fans has been really special. Now when I go live, I don’t ever want to be that again. I don’t ever want to be the kind of person who feels like I have to please the world. I just want to be a friend. I just want to be there like authentically me. Less concerned about people pleasing, and honestly it’s been a huge mind shift for me this period because it’s just as real as it was before but it’s gotten five times as real since I started this quarantine.Your new tracks Comeback and Where’d You Go are out today. These are very, very different from what we’ve heard from you before. Tell me a little bit about these tracks and how they came about…I give the credit to Dan Huff, as much as I think the songs themselves are special. What’s really cool about working with Dan on these tracks, is the goal is always to make them as authentic to the message of the song as possible. They’re Country songs layered with emotion. What we did was we sat down and we really got into the message of the songs and what they look like, and what we hope people see in them. When it came down to it, you look at a song like Comeback and the song’s reminiscent of a vulnerability, of a hard time in my life where I’m wondering if I made the right decision leaving a relationship, or if I should have continued on in that. It’s something that everyone goes through and we wanted it to be upbeat and happy and joyous, but we also wanted it to be reminiscent of that longing so we added that line in the beginning. During the verse, out of that subwoofer that brings this drama and to brings an intentional despair. I thought it was so cool that we could complement the tracks with the message and create this emotion that hopefully relates with other people. On one hand, it’s exciting to get to show people a different side of who I am and what I go through. I don’t talk too much about my relationships. On the other hand, it’s nerve wracking to think that I’m going to expose myself like that, but I think the best art comes about when you are truly authentically yourself.Where’d You Go is all based on a dream that I had about a girl I’ve never met in real life. I was 13/14, I had this dream about a girl that I met and I don’t remember much about what she looked like, I just remember what it felt to be around her. It was pure bliss. I could not even describe in words how incredible it was to be around this girl. I woke up and I had no idea who she was, and I thought maybe it was a vision of the girl I’m gonna one day be with at the end of my life, the girl I’m meant to be with. What’s cool is because it was all a dream, we took the Country track and layered it with what I like to call a ‘dream state’ elements, like the piano and stuff like that, bring you into the story with me. To see worlds collide with the track like that, I’ve never heard any music that sounded like this before. It’s really special and it’s really rare. I’m really excited for the world to get to hear that track because it may be reaching the girl that I’m meant for. How would be if it was a vision and this is the first thing she hears, you know?You’ve been releasing tracks for a while now. Is there an EP or an album in the works?The next plan is to release an EP. Follow these up, collect them with the rest of the tracks reimagined with Dan Huff and put that out in a few months. That’s the plan and then hopefully I’ll follow that up with even more incredible content.Once we get out of quarantine, will you be getting back to the UK maybe next year?Are you kidding? There’s the first thing I’m doing. I’m so excited about that.I remember when you were here for C2C in 2019 and you spent time travelling around and surprising fans. You made quite a few people’s weekends…We had so much fun. It was my first time in the UK and we decided to go all the way in. We took the train and we went deep into the city. We went to a girl’s house and we didn’t even know she was home, and she wasn’t. We had to wait at her house for like an hour for her to show up in the rain. Finally she showed up and we surprised her. She brought us inside and cooked us dinner. It was the coolest thing ever. I love doing stuff like that!That is dedication isn’t it?We weren’t about to get go all that way, I think it was 22 stops, to not see her!I know you’re doing live streams at the moment but as a performer you must be missing being able to get out and play live properly…Oh, man, I’m itching to get out and see my fans, man. I’m missing them like crazy. I cannot wait for this to lift for that reason.It might be hard to answer this at the moment but is there anything else you’re hoping to achieve before the end of the year?To tell you the truth, the goal is always just to touch people with the music. Can I be really honest with you? This is a pretty big dream. I’ve always wanted to do a couple things and you may think these are super cheesy. I’ve always wanted to – and I don’t know if this will happen this year or when it will happen – but I’ve always wanted to play the Opry, I would love to be in the Macy’s Day Parade – I’m a huge Thanksgiving guy and the idea of being in that event would be mind blowing – and I’ve always wanted to play The O2 Arena.Noah Schnacky’s new songs Comeback and Where’d You Go are available now. Listen to them both below:<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>last_img read more

Diego Costa set to see out Atletico Madrid contract until 2021 before leaving on free transfer despite injury problems

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first_img People Slammed By Massive Waves 4 DIEGO COSTA is set to see out his Atletico Madrid contract until 2021 – before leaving on a free transfer.The Spain international, 31, has been plagued by injuries since returning to La Liga for an eye watering £67million from Chelsea in 2017.Diego Costa is set to see out his Atletico Madrid contract until 2021Credit: EPACosta famously fired Atletico to LaLiga glory in 2014 with 27 goals before sealing a £32m move to Chelsea that summer.His time at Stamford Bridge was a huge hit, with Costa winning Premier League titles under Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte.The Spaniard went on to win the Europa League at the end of the 2017 campaign when he returned to the Wanda Metropolitano.But has since fallen down the pecking order at Aletico, making just 41 La Liga appearances in two-and-a-half seasons and scoring just seven times.However, according to Marca, boss Diego Simeone still believes in Costa and the striker’s contract will run for another year before he is set to leave on a free transfer. In November the Spain international was sidelined after undergoing neck surgery.The striker was forced to go under the knife to sort out the issue with his herniated cervical disc and he was ruled out for three months in 2018 after breaking a bone in his foot.readCosta’s injury problems prompted Simeone to complete a permanent deal for Chelsea loanee Alvaro Morata last summer while also spending a club-record £113m on Benfica and Portugal wonderkid Joao Felix.The Spaniard has previously been linked with a £25m return to Brazil with Flamengo and with a move to Qatari side Al Rayyan, while there are said to be interested clubs in China.But it seems for now Costa will remain at Atletico – who are in sixth in LaLiga and trailing rivals Real Madrid by 11 points.Simon Jordan says Premier League clubs must seize control back from players and agents What’s This “Trick” Called? Comment Down Below!! Top 5 Best Budget Hotels In Dubai under AED 400 a night. 8 MOST DANGEROUS RAINS of All Time | TOP 10 INTERESTING 10 INCREDIBLE Space Launch Failures!center_img Real or Fake? Shark Attacks Helicopter Travel Diary // Vietnam 2017 Rebekah Vardy scores an impressive penalty in six-inch heels Source: Soccer – read more

Smith supreme at Soi Dao

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first_imgDay 2 saw similar scoring and Martin Hayes was the top man with an even par 36 points.  George Gamble finished one point behind in second on 35 and Willem Lasonder was third with 33.The near pins went to Jonathan Pratt and Stan Rees on Day 1 and George Gamble and Martin Hayes on Day 2.The overall result saw Dave Smith in first with a combined 65 points, Paddy Devereux second on 64 and Jonathan Pratt third with 63.Thursday, April 12, Eastern Star – StablefordEastern Star was our venue on Thursday and it was a warm, sunny day.  The course was in very good condition but the greens were difficult to play.  The Songkran promotion was a pleasant surprise and it was an enjoyable day.It was the last game of George Gamble before returning to Europe and he showed a motivating ambition, winning today with 36 points.  In second was Neil Harvey with 34 points and third was Sam Gettinby with 33.The near pins went to George Gamble and Stan Rees.Neil Harvey & George Gamble. Paddy Devereux, Dave Smith & Jonathan Pratt.PSC Golf from Siam Country Resort PattayaMonday, April 9, Soi Dao – StablefordWe went to Soi Dao on Monday and Tuesday and it is always a sensation to be here.  The surroundings are overwhelming with a beautiful golf course and a high quality hotel and restaurant.  The golf course was in a superb condition and we played two days in nice sunny weather.Dave Smith had the best of it on Day 1 and came first with 36 points on a count-back over Paddy Devereux while Jonathan Pratt was third with 33 points.last_img read more

Grammy-winner 2Chainz inspires Hawks to conferene-clinching win against Heat

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first_imgATLANTA — With a final score of 99-86, the Atlanta Hawks clinched the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs last night at Philips Arena.  In a sold-out stadium, Paul Millsap was the top performer with 21 points, followed by Al Horford with 15, and Dennis Schroeder poured in 12.Administration, fans and players alike tuned in for three performances by home-grown Hip-Hop heavyweight 2 Chainz who collaborated to make a March 27 “T.R.U. TO ATLANTA” contest/mixtape giveaway and exclusive 2 Chainz-themed Hawks merchandise.  Chainz’ first performance was a pre-game show which led into a special version of player introductions with Hawks PA Announcer Ryan Cameron.“As an Atlantan, I’m excited to collaborate with my beloved Hawks on March 27 as they face off against the Miami Heat,” says 2 Chainz.  The first 5,000 fans to arrive were given copies of his latest mixtape, “T.R.U. Jack City.”During a pre-game press conference, 2 Chainz, whose real name is Tauheed Epps, told press, “I’m a local.  I’m home grown out of College Park.”  When asked about some of his most memorable Hawks moments, Chainz replied, “I remember Dominique Wilkins when he had the S-curl commercials.”The 6’5” rapper, who joined Apple after a stint with Microsoft, has been dubbed a computer whiz kid (Epps was involved in Apple’s mobile phone project code named ‘Artemis’—which was soon to be known as iPhone).  Steve Jobs, in his 2011 biography, described Tauheed Epps as “an absolute genius.”But it was basketball that was Epps’ first true love.“I started playing basketball when I was 8 years old, but at the end of the day, I knew I wanted to be an entertainer,” continued Epps.  When asked about running for Mayor, Tauheed “2 Chainz” Epps responded, “About the mayor thing…it’s really to let people know that smart has no face.  Just because you have a briefcase and a suit, doesn’t mean you’re smarter.  Smart doesn’t have a look.  I can do anything I put my mind to — and my girls, too.”In a post game press conference, Hawk’s head coach Mike Budenholzer had this to say about the team’s energy:“I think there are a lot of positives tonight.  I thought Paul Millsap brought a ton of energy — a ton of, just, winning type plays from the beginning of the game.  I think that set a tone for us that put us in a good place tonight.”“I think it’s a credit to our players and all the good work they’ve done all year,” the NBA Coach of the Year candidate who has has led the Hawks to their best regular season in franchise history.   “We’re obviously proud of what they’ve done.  There’re still a lot more work to be done, but I’m very happy for them, happy for us, happy for our organization and our fans.”last_img read more

From the courtroom to the community

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first_imgRetired County Court Judge and former local Chester Stewart Keon-Cohen has been named a Member of the Order (AM) this…[To read the rest of this story Subscribe or Login to the Gazette Access Pass] Thanks for reading the Pakenham Berwick Gazette. Subscribe or Login to read the rest of this content with the Gazette Digital Access Pass subscription.last_img

Last Minute Falls Smoke Eaters In Overtime vs ‘Backs

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first_imgThe Trail Smoke Eaters surrendered a late 3rd period lead and fell in overtime to the Salmon Arm Silverbacks by a 3-2 score on Friday night at the Shaw Centre. It was a bit of a feeling out process in the opening period of play as the two teams collected seven shots each with none finding the back of the net. Trail had the 1st period’s only power play that offered some strong pressure but nothing past Silverbacks netminder Ethan Langenegger, who made 7 saves as did Smoke Eaters Adam Marcoux, who stopped all 7 shots thrown his way. After another stretch of scoreless play to begin the 2nd period, Matthew Verboon opened the scoring at the 12:20 mark to give Salmon Arm a 1-0 lead. The Silverbacks won a face-off in the offensive zone as Verboon grabbed the puck and fired a wrist shot through traffic past the glove side to give the home side a 1-0 advantage heading into the final regulation period of play.The Smoke Eaters opened the period with a flurry of chances and were eventually rewarded at the 9:51 mark courtesy of a power play. Kent Johnson took a right point shot that was stopped by the blocker of Langenegger with the rebound coming loose on the right side as Hayden Rowan banged home the puck for his 15th goal of the season and tied the game at 1-1. Just 1:02 later, Trail earned their first lead of the game coming off the rush. Braeden Tuck passed along on the right side for a skating Chase Stevenson just outside of the blue line as he streamed his way to the glove side before sending a puck to the front of the net as it banked off of the left arm of Langenegger and into the back of the net for his team leading 18th goal of the season as the Smoke Eaters jumped ahead by a 2-1 score at the 10:53 mark of the middle stanza.As the period went along, the Silverbacks started to apply more pressure and came through in the final minute to tie the game with the goaltender at the bench for an extra attacker. Justin Wilson came off the bench and fired a shot wide of the net as the puck skipped to the front of the goal with Nick Unruh pushing the puck through the fray and past Marcoux at the 19:07 mark to even the game at 2-2 and force overtime.The Smoke Eaters had a chance to win the game around the minute mark of the extra session as Tuck took a pass from Stevenson just inside the blue line and had an open man on the blocker side in Trevor Zins, who missed on the one-timer chance as the puck was collected by Salmon Arm to go back the other way. Justin Wilson carried the puck up the right-wing side and kept wide on the outside before outwaiting everyone to get just below the goal line and tucked the puck inside the glove side post past a sprawled Marcoux to close the game 1:07 into the overtime period and give the Silverbacks the victory.  Ethan Langenegger turned aside 30 of the 32 shots he faced in the Silverbacks net in his 13th win of the season while Adam Marcoux stopped 29 of the 32 shots thrown his way in his 21st defeat of the season.FINAL SCORE: 3-2 Silverbacks (OT)SHOTS ON GOAL: 32-32SMOKE EATERS PP: 1/3SMOKE EATERS PK: 2/23 STARS:1) Justin Wilson (1-1-2)2) Nick Unruh (1-0-1)3) Chase Stevenson (1-0-1)Fortis Energy Player of the Game: Darren Rizzolo (0-0-0)ATTENDANCE: 841The Smoke Eaters (17-21-7-3) complete their weekend double header in the Shuswap against the Salmon Arm Silverbacks (22-19-4-1) at the Shaw Centre. Puck drop is slated for 7 PM from the provincial capital with the pre-game show getting underway at 6:50 PM with the Voice of the Smoke Eaters, Trevor Miller.last_img read more

LB man found guilty in wife’s killing by hitman

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first_imgBy City News Service A jury convicted a 67-year-old millionaire of hiring another man to kill his estranged wife for financial gain in Long Beach. The panel deliberated for 40 minutes before returning a guilty verdict Friday against Manfred Schockner in the 2004 stabbing death of 50-year-old Lynn Schockner in her Bixby Knolls home. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Prosecutors claimed Schockner hatched a plot to kill his wife so he wouldn’t have to split the couple’s fortune. Police investigating a prowler call found her body on a backyard patio when she failed to return after going to get a key to open a locked gate.last_img