Lewis: The time is now to make access a priority

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first_imgLewis: The time is now to make access a priority Lewis: The time is now to make access a priority Jan Pudlow Senior Editor Dealing with challenges faced by his 21-year-old daughter Lindsay’s disability caused by a metabolic disorder, Chief Justice Fred Lewis said his family’s motto is: “We do not want your pity. We do not need your pity. Just remove those artificial barriers and watch us perform.”As the new chief justice, Lewis said his family motto will also be the “mantra of the Florida Supreme Court,” and he detailed his plan to make the courts more accessible for persons with disabilities.The audience erupted into applause at The Florida Bar Annual Convention CLE seminar, “Removing Barriers to the Legal Profession for Lawyers with Disabilities,” on June 23 in Boca Raton, when Lewis announced a “requirement that in every circuit we will engage in a comprehensive survey of both facilities and programs and services to determine where we fall short.”Lewis said he was surprised that the last survey of courthouses conducted by the Office of the State Courts Administrator was a decade ago.“It breaks my heart when I pick up these little news clippings and read that someone can’t get to the courthouse over in the Panhandle and that individuals seem to be uncaring that people cannot use the facilities of the courthouse,” Lewis said.Noting that courthouse facilities are the properties of 67 counties, and even after the Article V, Revision VII passed and funding has become more uniform in the state’s 20 judicial circuits, Lewis said, “characteristics of maintaining local autonomy prevail. So it will take us a while to break down some of those doors.”Alterations to existing structures and new constructions must comply with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards because of the law, he said. But problems with existing structures, he said, “create more formidable obstacles for counties that are resistant.”“We may not have the power to order things to be changed,” Lewis said. “We will assure ourselves that this is an exercise of determination. We will be working with courts of appeal, as well as all county offices.. . . We intend to do it right. We intend to do it cooperatively. And we are committed that this shall be done in a manner that it can be accomplished and we can make some strides.”He described a system with ADA coordinators in every trial and appellate court.“And if they are not functioning properly, then we certainly need to know why they are not functioning, and make changes so that they do function according to the guidelines and requirements that our court has set forth,” Lewis said.A grievance process adopted and published through OSCA is in place to respond to problems.His initiative will not only deal with access to courthouses, he said, but will address “access to programs, activities, and services. To the extent that we are hampered by facilities that we cannot order change, we will do everything in our power to change, modify, and make these programs successful.”An example of what is working right, Lewis said, was providing a sign language interpreter for a juror serving in a trial that lasted more than four weeks.“That’s the kind of meaningful access that we’re talking about, that everyone can participate, that everyone has access, and everyone is part of this great country,” Lewis said.There are statewide rules and policies with regard to real-time transcript services for the deaf, Lewis said.“We took what I consider to be a very minimal step, but it was a step, in the Rules of Judicial Administration for proper notice,” he said.Even before it was “politically correct or the right thing to do,” Lewis said, the Florida Board of Bar Examiners — the first contact prospective lawyers have with the judicial branch — began affording accommodations as early as 1977. Currently, more than half of accommodations address learning, attention deficit, and psychological issues, and the most frequent accommodation request is additional time for the bar exam.Citing statistics for the July 2005 bar exam, Lewis said accommodations were made for 70 out of about 3,000 examinees, including extra time, large print, special lighting, special computers, podiums, and rest breaks. For the multistate portion of the bar exam, he said, there are court reporters, sign language interpreters, readers, furniture accommodations, and large print and audio tapes.As for employment in the court system, Lewis said it is mandated there shall be no discrimination in job applications, promotions, discharge issues, compensation, and training.“The problem we encounter, with regard to Article I, Title I issues, comes down to what can we do with the individual lawyers, because they are employees of the different law firms,” Lewis said.“In my heart and in my soul, the key is education, is education, is education, is more education! You know, if we don’t engage in that process, those who are not aware, who are not sensitive, they may never know, if we don’t take the word to them,” Lewis said.“We have had in 2005 an ADA conference in Orlando. We had two staff individuals from each trial and appellate court coming to try to address this. We have done statewide ADA training. And part of our judicial training is going to include a session on ADA requirements and sensitivity to the needs of all those who appear before us.“On the horizon, I can promise you that we are going to have accessibility as technology comes into play, and as we go into the electronic utilization for documents and records in our court system.“I can assure you that our OSCA is going to be seeking increased access for all Floridians for everything that the court system does, including equipment purchases, IT systems, and filing systems. We are going to be involved in education. We are going to be moving forward. And we are going to all say, at the end of the day: ‘We don’t want your pity. We don’t need it. Just remove the barriers.’ And that will be the mantra of the Florida Supreme Court.”After Lewis’ announcement of his disability access initiative, Matt Dietz, one of the founders of the Florida Disability-Diversity Lawyers Initiative, said: “I was absolutely surprised. I am glad that after 10 years the Supreme Court has taken it as one of their priorities. We look forward to working with him. Since lawyers with disabilities in Florida have more of a voice, we plan on keeping that voice and making sure it’s heard.”center_img August 1, 2006 Regular Newslast_img read more

Xpeedic Joins GF’s RFwave Partner Program

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first_imgGLOBALFOUNDRIES has announced the addition of Xpeedic Technology to GF’s RFwave Partner Program.The RFwave Partner Program builds upon GF’s industry-leading radio frequency (RF) solutions, such as FD-SOI, RF CMOS (bulk and advanced CMOS nodes), RF SOI and silicon germanium (SiGe) technologies. The program provides a low-risk, cost-effective path for designers seeking to build highly optimized RF solutions for a range of wireless applications such as IoT across various wireless connectivity and cellular standards, standalone or transceiver integrated 5G front end modules, mmWave backhaul, automotive radar, small cell and fixed wireless and satellite broadband.Xpeedic Technology, Inc. is a provider of EDA solution for IC, package and system designs. The analog/mixed-signal IC tools help IC engineers to shorten their design cycle at the latest advanced semiconductor nodes. The signal integrity tools enable faster design closure for IC package and PCB system designs. The growing IP portfolio on IPD delivers the industry-leading combination of performance and integration to enable SiP for RF front end module designs. These tools and solutions have been widely adopted by companies who make mobile and IoT devices, computing and network systems. For more information, click here.last_img read more

Minnesota Twins Opening Target Field for ALDS Games 1 and 2

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first_img About Connatix V56490 360p About Connatix V56490 1080p HD 1/1 MINNEAPOLIS — Our Minnesota Twins open the American League Divisional Series on Friday on the road in New York, however, fans are still invited to come to Target Field to watch the game.Twins Communications Manager Matt Hodson says they are opening up Target Field’s Delta Sky360 Club and Bat & Barrel to watch both games 1 and 2.What we want to do is create a festive atmosphere for the fans that aren’t able to travel all the way to New York, for Twins fans to come together, watch the team together, enjoy ballpark fare, like you’re at the game and root on the Twins hopefully to a couple of victories.center_img It is free to go, but you are encouraged to get a ticket ahead of time on the Twins website.First pitch for the series opener on Friday is 6:07 p.m., the game on Saturday starts at 4:07 p.m.Game 3 of the ALDS is Monday at Target Field, which is sold out. Hodson says they are planning to make it a special night for the fans.There will be a few things that I can’t quite reveal yet, but we’ll roll out the pomp and circumstance at our first postseason appearance at home since 2010 that it deserves.  We’ll have some nice guests for our national anthem, some special appearances for the first pitch, possibly a flyover.You can hear all of the Twins postseason games on AM 1240 and 95-3 FM WJON.Download The 1390 Granite City Sports Mobile App Visit Advertiser website GO TO PAGE Skip Auto (360p) 720p HDlast_img read more

The Norwich v QPR quiz

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first_imgQPR face Norwich City at Carrow Road on Saturday. Test your knowledge of the recent history involving the two clubs by seeing how many of these five questions you can answer correctly.[wp-simple-survey-16]Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img

Art of Animation Resort Merchandise

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first_imgHave you purchased resort-specific merchandise at your hotel? Which one? Share This!Many of the Walt Disney World hotels have resort-specific merchandise. We think the Art of Animation merch is some of the cutest on property. The animation theme naturally lends itself to the using fun colors and character images to reflect the joyful feel of the hotel.last_img

Takeaways from WordCamp Columbus 2013

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first_imgAccept criticismBe constructiveExplain what the problems are, and provide suggestions for improvementsWant a read on how not to respond to a one-line patch, read linux on Github, issue 17 Project Largo Case Study by Adam Schweigert How to Encourage People to ContributeAsk for itMake it easyGive contributors credit they took the time to provide fix, correction, reviewBe niceHow to Encourage People to Continue to ContributeRespond in a timely mannerMaintain quality; you may have to turn down some patches. You need to monitor quality of patches.Overall quality of project, no consistent voice or patternNo cohesion, becomes more difficult to work with I got a lot out of #wccbus this weekend. Grateful to @angiemeeker, the other organizers, speakers and helpers. Very well done. Thanks! 🙂— Jacki Keys (@jacki890) August 3, 2013 You need access to wp-config and htaccess files, so you can edit themBackupRemember to turn multisite onWordPress Multisite ResourcesWordPress CodexWPEBooks RT @redcrew: If you want to get involved with making #WordPress accessible, check Make WordPress Accessible http://t.co/nTYhOO4WcR #wccbus— WordCampCbus (@WordCampCbus) August 3, 2013In her presentation, Angela Bergmann highlighted the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and explained the four principles:PerceivableOperableUnderstandableRobustTo improve the accessibility of websites, Bergmann recommended:Ensure images have alternative textInclude captions and transcripts with videosAll videos should provide user controls to pause, stop and start videoContent can be interpreted when formatting is disabledProvide sufficient color contrast between text and the backgroundProvide ability to navigate by keyboardInclude Skip to Content linksWordPress and AccessibilityWordPress core has good accessibility, with a few issues regarding search, redundant title attributes, and “read more” linksUnfortunately, many WordPress plugins and themes have accessibility issuesOne method to improve accessibility on your WordPress site is to use Joe Dolson’s WP Accessibility plugin whichRemoves redundant title attributesRemoves target attribute from linksRemoves tabindex from elements that are focusableAdds post titles to standard “read more” linksCorrects other accessibility issues Yet so impressive with great speakers and authority on the topics. If this was sold by IBM, this would cost $600. #wccbus— Toby Foote (@TobyFoote) August 3, 2013 Packed room for @chip_bennett #wccbus pic.twitter.com/SqGuUFZaJL— John Parkinson (@jwparkinson) August 3, 2013 Keynote: Building Your Business With The Power Of People by Syed BahlkiOne of the reasons Syed created WP Beginner was to help his clients who were still on HTML sites.Identify your target audience. You can’t add value unless you know your target audience.Use reader profiles, customer profiles so that you can put yourself in their shoesCreate content that adds value. Solve problems for your audience.Don’t do social, be socialShow that you care (listen to your audience and be involved)Review analytics, ask for suggestions, listen to feedback ForumsBBPressSummaryGive credit to those who participate, even if it’s just a spelling correctionMake your code extensibleYou need to implement the tools, encourage it, make it easy, respond to people well “First slideshow I can actually see today,” nice shoutout for @radkitten’s presentation slides. Good color contrast. #wccbus— Deborah Edwards-Onoro (@redcrew) August 3, 2013 Almost 20 sites in network are using Largo, built on Bootstrap. First public release is coming out soon. [email protected] #wccbus— Deborah Edwards-Onoro (@redcrew) August 3, 2013 @chip_bennett laying down the law on how to properly provide theme options without having them clutter the database #wccbus— Jeff (@jeffr0) August 3, 2013Key takeaways:Custom page templates are intended for custom content, not custom layout. And can only be used on static pages, not posts.Use custom post meta data, doesn’t depend on a page template. Works on both pages and posts.Can work with any theme; with child theme, some coding is requiredFor naming, use underscore at beginning to hide from custom fields UIDefine a function to get current layoutModify template files and CSS. Add layout-based classes to body tag.Example: WordCamp Nashville child theme on Github [email protected] looks like a giant on stage at the main hall for his keynote session – Building Your Business With The Power Of People #wccbus— Jeff (@jeffr0) August 3, 2013Stay connectedConnect with other communities, comment on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedInGo the extra mile to help others. Example: Help A Reporter Out Word of mouth is really powerfulListen to and respond to your followers Never be rude or throw insultsSome people are differentTake them down with kindnessBe polite, don’t be rude backStern is fine, not rudeTools to encourage community developmentGithubProvides version controlManages pull requestsIncreases participation. Example: moved from Google Code to Github, community development increased 10XNot sure where to start with Github? Check out Pippin’s YouTube video: How to submit a pull request on Githubcenter_img ? @aschweig: How does Largo allow indiv news sites to customize sites so much? Child themes w/git repos pushed 2 @Wpengine staging #wccbus— WordCampCbus (@WordCampCbus) August 3, 2013Created as a WordPress parent theme by the Investigative News Network where Adam works.Supports National Public Radio stations that have little technology resourcesEasy to learn and customizeResponsive designBuilt for news publishersUses options frameworkLearn more about the Largo project or check out the code on GithubWhat is WordPress’s role in news organizations?The gap left as newspapers decline is huge, that gap is a big problem. WordPress is a great solution for that gap.If you’re a new publisher, a journalism student, you can start your own publication and look like a news siteYou can create content that matters, that advertisers and donors can supportWordPress provides democratization of publishing. Washington Post uses WordPress a lot. For stuff they want to build more quickly, WordPress is an agile solution. It can move faster than the kludgey platform many news organizations use.Buildings news apps with WordPress is an exciting new area.Custom Layouts Without Using Page Templates by Chip Bennett “Just because you’re the project lead doesn’t mean you are always right. Accept criticism, ask questions.” @pippinsplugins #wccbus— Kim Parsell (@kimparsell) August 3, 2013 Last week I attended my first WordCamp Columbus in Columbus, Ohio and had a great time learning new things about WordPress, helping out at the WordPress 101 workshop, and making new friends. So happy to finally meet Angie Meeker in person, who along with Dave Donaldson and Jonathan Davis, helped organize WordCamp Columbus.Over 160 people attended the event, traveling from cities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri and beyond for the two-day conference held at Ohio State University. The first day of the conference was a full-day workshop for WordPress beginners to learn how to set up their website. The second day consisted of five tracks of WordPress sessions. Here’s my summary of the sessions I attended, with notes, presentation slides, photos and tweets.WordPress 101 Workshop by Angie MeekerOver 80 participants attended the WordPress 101 workshop to learn the steps to set up their first WordPress website. From domain names to hosting to installing WordPress to installing themes and plugins, Angie shared tips and insights for the first-time WordPress user. By the end of the day, attendees had a working installation of WordPress.Though the workshop had a bit of a hiccup due to downtime from HostGator and BlueHost, Glenn Kelley of Hop Off a Cloud stepped up to help attendees by setting up temporary hosting accounts at his hosting company.At #WCCBUS for WordPress 101. Hopefully I can get my blog(s) to the point where I am comfortable with their use.— shaunsimpson (@shaunsimpson) August 2, 2013 WordPress for Startups Maintain standardsThere will always be sub-par contributionsThere will always be someone who wants to help youDon’t just allow contributors in just because they7rsquo;re contributors Encouraging Community Development with Themes and Plugins by Pippin Williamson Love this description from @angiemeeker: #WordPress is both free and priceless. #wccbus— Deborah Edwards-Onoro (@redcrew) August 2, 2013Some of my key takeaways and favorite comments from the presentation:WordPress.com is like a hotel, while WordPress.org is your own homeFor domain name registration, consider Register.com or NameCheapDreamhost, Site 5, and HostGator offer free hosting to non-profits (must provide documentation)Page.ly, Synthesis and WP Engine are WordPress-only web hosting I could have used this WordPress Multisite info months ago. Thanks, @angiemeeker. #wccbus— Melanie Wilson (@wilsonmelanie) August 3, 2013 Here is what you must hear from Syed’s keynote: your site and presence online is about listening and responding to your people. #wccbus— WordCampCbus (@WordCampCbus) August 3, 2013 Accessibility Resources and ToolsWeb Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 GuidelinesWeb Accessibility Evaluation Tool (WAVE)Add Skip to links with PayPal’s Skip-To widgetEasy Color Contrast Ratios3Play Media and Automatic Sync offer cost-effective video transcripts and captions for ~$2.50/minuteGet involved; help make WordPress accessible Use #WP Multisite Replicator allows you to replicate any subsite on multisite ~ @angiemeeker http://t.co/aWrKQisdwi #wccbus— Deborah Edwards-Onoro (@redcrew) August 3, 2013Why you should use multisite:Create unlimited number of WordPress sites using one WordPress installationShare users, themes, and plugins across the created sitesTo manage all the sites with one dashboardWordPress multisite is used by many organizations, including:WordPress.comBestBuyBowling Green State UniversityBefore you start, decide on your formatWill you use subdomains or folders? Example: charlie.mydomain.com or mydomain.com/charlieIf you use subdomains, you need to have a host that supports the sue of wildcard subdomainYou’ll need to add a wildcard subdomain pointing to the folder of your installation. If they don’t you have to use folders. Tips and Tricks to Make Sure Your Website is Accessible by Angela Bergmann So nice to meet everyone at #wccbus. @pippinsplugins @twsjonathan @akyusa01 @chip_bennett @jwparkinson @syedbalkhi and others. Thanks!— matt cram (@cramdesign) August 4, 2013Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading…RelatedWordCamp Columbus Returns for Seventh Year, Expands to Three DaysReturning for its seventh year, WordCamp Columbus will be held July 17–19, 2015 at two locations: the Ohio 4H Center at Ohio State University and the Vue in the Brewery District. The annual event will have learning and networking opportunities for every WordPress user, from beginner to expert. And for…In “WordPress”5 Interesting Things I Learned at WordCamp Cincinnati 2016This past weekend I traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio and joined over 200 business owners, designers, developers, writers, and digital marketers at WordCamp Cincinnati. Held at the University of Cincinnati, the two-day WordPress-focused event featured a schedule with a wide range of speakers and topics. WordCamp Cincinnati included tracks for marketing,…In “WordPress”WordCamp Columbus, Food Trucks, and CigarsAnytime you can can spend two days meeting new people and talking about food trucks, cigars, and WordPress, has to be a fantastic way to spend your time. And for only $40? And you get a cool t-shirt? Last week I had the pleasure of attending WordCamp Columbus, along with…In “Conference”last_img read more

What Is Mobile Business Intelligence?

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first_imgYou might have heard this statistic by now: more people own a cell phone than a toothbrush.In a Forbes postOpens in a new window, Maribel Lopez lists a number of recent statistics about mobility. “While we could debate the numbers, the trend is clear,” she writes. ”The pace of mobile adoption across devices and applications is accelerating.” Mobility is no longer a nice-to-have option. Instead, it’s become a must for many businesses. Many surveys support this view. According to the Accenture Mobility Insights 2014 Report, 77% of participants in the survey considered mobility among their top five priorities. A similar finding was part of the Accenture 2013 CIO Mobility Survey where 79% of respondents cited mobility as a revenue-generator and 84% said mobility would significantly improve customer interactions.The Evolution of Mobile BIWith this paradigm shift comes the natural extension of business intelligence (BI) to mobile business intelligence (mobile BI) or mobile intelligence. This term may mean different things to different people, and it’s sometimes used interchangeably, but your perception of mobile BI will be influenced primarily by your understanding of BI.In my post “What Is Business Intelligence?” I defined BI as the framework that enables organizations of all sizes to make faster, better-informed business decisions. Mobile BI extends this definition and puts the emphasis on the application of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet computers.Therefore, you can argue that the fundamentals remain unchanged—Mobile BI is the enabler that, if designed, implemented, and executed effectively, can help organizations drive growth and profitability.However, the way organizations go about realizing the true value of mobile BI may depend on the state of their enterprise mobility (for example, whether or not a formal mobile enterprise strategy and a road map exist) and the level of their BI maturity.Harnessing the Power of Mobile BIMobile BI is more prevalent and more relevant today because the gap between the experience of traditional BI content consumed on a desktop PC and that accessed on a mobile device is disappearing rapidly. We now talk about the gap between a smartphone and a tablet device. The tablet devices are getting smaller both in size and weight to compete with our smartphones.Rapid growth in areas such as the cloud, in-memory technology, big data, and predictive analytics are fueling this innovation cycle. As a result, companies are looking for ways to harness the power of mobile BI through innovation and without disruption.As businesses face more obstacles and are forced to deal with more complex challenges, they increasingly require greater mobile access to more processed data coming from both structured sources (such as sales data by markets and geography), and unstructured sourcesOpens in a new window (like social media or email data that can’t be easily queried with traditional tools and technologies).Companies at the leading edge seek to gain the edge to exploit mobile BI to support a workforce that’s becoming more and more mobile.Mobile BI Can Become a Key DifferentiatorAccording to IDC, the “world’s mobile worker population will reach 1.3 billion, representing 37.2% of the total workforce by 2015.” The share of the mobile workforce is even higher if we focus on the business roles such as sales, where mobility is a critical component for success. Business models that rely on insight thru outdated or limited capabilities can no longer compete in an ever-increasing global market, which simply dictates mobile execution.Today, there’s no doubt that both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations must deliver more for their customers and stakeholders. In this context, mobile BI can become a key differentiator in helping organizations cope with both the complexity and the real-time challenges they face with the execution of their strategy.It’s a transformative force that has the power to change how businesses deliver value today, because mobile BI further breaks down the walls of information silos, thus dramatically extending the ability to gain actionable insight thru data-driven analyses for all decision makers at all levels of an organization. Where do you see Mobile BI adding value to your organization?Connect with me on Twitter (@KaanTurnali) and LinkedIn.This story originally appeared on The Decision FactorOpens in a new window.last_img read more

Top stories: How sliced meat drove human evolution, new accusations in the CRISPR patent fight, and why high ‘good’ cholesterol can be bad news

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Parole denied for drunk driver Marco Muzzo who killed three kids and

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first_imgGRAVENHURST, Ont. – A drunk driver who killed three young children and their grandfather in a crash north of Toronto continues to minimize his problems with alcohol and must address the issue before he can be released into the community, a parole board panel ruled Wednesday.By underestimating his misuse of alcohol, Marco Muzzo is sabotaging the progress he could be making while behind bars, members of the Parole Board of Canada said in denying the 32-year-old both day and full parole.“We don’t question your remorse,” board member Kevin Corcoran said in a hearing at the Beaver Creek prison in Gravenhurst, Ont. “It’s obvious that this is a very difficult thing for you to deal with.”However, he said, “we have to be mindful that your actions caused the deaths of four people.”Muzzo, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2016 after a guilty plea in the crash, can appeal the ruling in the next two months or reapply for parole in a year.During an emotional hearing that spanned roughly three hours, he was pressed on his drinking habits prior to the September 2015 collision and his record of driving infractions, many of them for speeding.Muzzo, who showed little emotion through most of the questioning, was confronted with a 2012 incident that saw him charged with public intoxication after he threatened a bouncer at a strip club and tried to kick out the windows of a police cruiser after his arrest.The incident was not mentioned during his trial and the panel said it had only recently come to the attention of Muzzo’s case management team, noting it suggested a lack of transparency on his part.Muzzo insisted it was an isolated incident, that he seldom drank and only to excess on birthdays and other festive occasions. Corcoran disagreed.“This speaks to a history,” the parole board member said.The panel also said it appeared police officers had reduced several of Muzzo’s speeding tickets, meaning he would never have received demerit points or lost his licence. As a result, the panel said, Muzzo never faced consequences that might have changed his behaviour or attitude toward driving.Muzzo pleaded guilty to four counts of impaired driving causing death and two counts of impaired driving causing bodily harm in the crash.The collision in Vaughan, Ont., claimed the lives of nine-year-old Daniel Neville-Lake, his five-year-old brother Harrison, their two-year-old sister Milly and the children’s 65-year-old grandfather, Gary Neville. The children’s grandmother and great-grandmother were also seriously injured.The crash set off a wave of public grief that led to several candlelight vigils to honour the victims. It also sparked debate on the legal penalties for drunk driving, with some advocacy groups calling for tougher sentences.The parole board panel said it received numerous letters both against and in favour of granting Muzzo some form of release, as well as a petition with the names of thousands of people opposed.The mother of the children Muzzo killed told the hearing that his expressions of remorse rung hollow as he had sought parole at the first opportunity.“I don’t and won’t get the chance for parole from this life sentence of misery and despair,” said Jennifer Neville-Lake.She described coming home to an empty house every day and straining to hear the shuffle of her children’s feet or the rustling of their bodies tossing and turning in bed. At the same time, she said, the sound of other children laughing can trigger a wave of grief.Muzzo appeared emotional during her statement and seemed to wipe away tears on at least one occasion.After the hearing, Neville-Lake said she took no comfort in the outcome, even if it was the one she sought.“It’s not a victory because it doesn’t change a single thing for me,” she said, adding that nothing can bring her family back to life.The crash took place after Muzzo had returned from his bachelor party in Florida on a private plane and picked up his car at Pearson International Airport. He was speeding and drove through a stop sign, T-boning the minivan carrying the Neville-Lake family, his court case heard.Muzzo told the parole hearing that he had been drinking until 3 a.m. during his bachelor party and then had up to four drinks on the flight back, but still felt he could drive.“I should have known better but I took a chance,” he said.Muzzo struggled to say that he had been driving impaired and eventually told the panel he thought it would take eight or nine drinks to meet that definition.When asked if he had driven drunk before, Muzzo said he had driven after having some drinks in the past but had never done so while “wasted.”A parole officer said Muzzo did not meet the criteria for mandatory substance abuse treatment, but the panel asked why he had not voluntarily sought help, noting that programs ranging from 60 days to six months had been suggested.Muzzo said he tried Alcoholics Anonymous but found it wasn’t for him.“I firmly believe I’m not an addict,” he said. “I’m scared of it now, I’ll never touch it.”Muzzo also said he still vividly remembers the screams from the crash.“It’s something I can’t forget,” he said.The Muzzo family, one of Canada’s wealthiest, owns the drywall company Marel Contractors.last_img read more

Diversity is added to Anne with an E Season 2 adds the

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