Ask the impact of CDN technology for the three aspects of the site of the Shanghai Dragon

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two: similarly, if the use of CDN technology, it is also possible that many sites appear IP the same problem;

has little effect on the noble baby, so what is the Shanghai dragon’s impact on Shanghai for love? Love Shanghai search said, grab a web page to love Shanghai is the way to die "

three: your site may be divided into the global different geographic location, the search engine may not be able to identify good geographical location, it will affect the local search.

but everything has two sides. We can not avoid facing Shanghai Longfeng problem using CDN technology brings. The following problems mainly Shanghai dragon we may encounter:

we can say that the development of the Internet is explosive, technology is always constantly innovation. With the development of web applications, there are many international sites began to use content distribution network technology on the site (hereinafter referred to as CDN), this kind of technology is the biggest characteristic of website, no longer as in the past is placed on a fixed server. But the web content distribution in the major global CDN service provider. This can be very good to reduce the number of network nodes, improve the speed of operation of the site. read more

Drop the right diamond electricity supplier website Shanghai 60 days after the rapid recovery to the

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, A5 marketing share many classic business website diagnosis of successful cases, including: food, pharmaceutical business electricity supplier, electricity providers and other network glasses. So, these classic diagnostic cases resulting in another electricity supplier company looking for us to do Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon /zhenduan/). At the same time, the diagnosis of successful cases have increased in the invisible! Here, very grateful to the webmaster of A5 marketing trust! Here is a small episode, we continue: in fact, because more and more cases of our diagnosis and diagnosis, Shanghai dragon reputation is getting better and better. In this case the diagnosis is to share our customers to the boss of the company, the hearing began after the investigation of our data. Finally, "Shanghai dragon head enterprise access to our QQ800017899, after that with us after a direct payment of 10000 yuan in Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic package will site is down right, have to say jewelry company money is self willed! Finally, when they carefully executed diagnosis proposals, right down for two months the site began to recover the weight of about three months or so, the weight increased to 4, and rising! In fact, excellent team spirit which is the big companies, but also admire ~ read more