How to unlock the highest level shared economyHow to do well in the English website to locate the ma

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as you know, in the field of O2O+C2C, is the wind blowing in the sharing economy, gradually into the city life process such as life service and other standardized "manpower" sharing, but about the beginning of last year, the optimization of the role of the Internet in the allocation of social resources and the unlimited desire began Hui organs: the brain, sharing professional knowledge and skills in China gradually flowering.

so you can of course be lamented at birth time. On the whole, this derives from the shell network products produce transcripts: over one million users, tens of thousands of experts, the opening of the nine city, and to maintain a high frequency stability by CCTV exposure, "Morning News", "media reports focus on three live news" and "news broadcast" this seems to be from the Internet net long. read more

Jump out of the high rate of hand compulsory registration

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first, increase access to tourists, temporarily opened for posting function. Now many sites are just for tourists to provide the corresponding browsing, and for some important contents tend to provide only half of the content, which leads to a lot of tourists is very depressed, the final choice to jump away. Because the same content may in other sites can be free. So in order to avoid such problems, the appropriate permissions for tourists should be open, visitors can freely browse their website content, at least able to bring visitors to the most basic trust. Of course, if visitors directly content published on the website, you can not open, because it will be easy to bring more spam sites, but this is not conducive to the website optimization.

registered user mailbox verification and personal information, of course, some personal information can be used as an option, does not necessarily require the user to complete, of course for some email verification work is to be done, so you can better identify the user, to prevent those. read more

Owners outside the chain hair to avoid spam links

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1.When the webmaster

is now the mainstream search engine will be the chain as one of the main factors ranking. This enables us to master the construction of the chain is bored. The chain and the most readily available is often outside the chain of the forum and blog. These places are the most prone to spam links where. We may not notice the usual webmaster. Moved here to tell you how to identify search engine spam links.


2. theme and reply to

Reply with a large number of links to

The main features of

in the hair of the chain sometimes very lazy, will release the same theme to many forums. These same themes did not produce a different value to the users, the search engine is very hate collection and non original content. This article has released a large number of links may be judged as search engine spam links. read more

Love Shanghai station search new home stunning debut three new function of icing on the cake

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of the search results page also allows you to give less, the new home will give you surprise. The title, small to the letters URL, can set the color, font size, easy to build with webmaster and user aesthetic page.

forum style renderings

independent home three new features:

forum style entrance

love Shanghai search recent good news appeared, at present, there are nearly 100 thousand sites using.

(two) added at the top of the page setting function of

(three) search results page entry style custom

to the site to provide more ease of use and user experience better products, love Shanghai station search launched on the occasion of 2 years, officially moved into the new domain name: zn.baidu贵族宝贝. At the same time, three new features for the new home on the line to help out. One of the blockbuster exclusive forum template which also synchronized on-line, this is the fourth largest industry on-line after the game, film, novel template, on-line icing on the cake for the love Shanghai station search new home. read more

was how to restore a K website rookie Adsense experiences

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on the above points, asked a few teachers can change the website title, because I have seen other people said the website was not to change the title like K. So ask after the virtual son rain teacher must be said to me, now that is k, change it anyway. So I >


1, the accumulation of keywords. Including the site title, accumulation of key words in the article.

today, finally think we can write an article to talk about a website on your own. I was a novice, a rookie. Not what great features, but one thing I know is to do things. This website said today is what I do second sites, doing is completely in accordance with their own ideas, although also went to the Shanghai Phoenix Forum to learn, know a little about the website of the Shanghai dragon. But the overall situation is in accordance with their wish. This site is now 2 months and 19 days, is a new railway station. In the line on the website, have very good rankings, was also very happy. Post almost is the second. But in August 11th, they found the love of Shanghai has not included. Feel wrong, second days to find the site was K, included all 0. below is the data at the time. read more

How to optimize the site in order to become a good webmaster

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we do website optimization for what? Flow, because we only get more traffic, it may obtain profits. No traffic and no profit. Flow is the key to our website. So we should learn to observe the website optimization Website in the optimization process in the flow of every day. We can view to visit the web site through some webmaster tools flow. You can clearly display the visitors’ area and time. Which page to access a large amount of traffic into the site through what place. Those keywords bring traffic up. This will have an indication to our next website optimization. We can clearly know our site in the past.

website optimization have a secure and stable site is fundamental, otherwise no matter where your work is done well, it is no good, do not play the desired effect. If a site is not so stable, sometimes normal and sometimes inaccessible, nature will not be search engine like, not to mention the love of the user. No one will love a user access is not stable and reliable website. So we must first ensure that the site is in a good condition. We don’t think these webmasters on our website on someone else on the server that Everything will be fine.. We have to consider is the running state of the server, it is safe and reliable. Will there be an unexpected situation. If the server does not run stably, or server invaded, etc.. These are back on the site have great harm. read more

Love the sea a new algorithm of how to face the small station

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algorithm has a lot of Scindapsus, off site weight, fall off included, outreach, and some sites directly eliminated. So some sites will be very afraid of love Shanghai update, but I think love is the introduction of Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm is correct, at least you can hit those who rely on tips to get ranked website. Things are always towards the direction of development. Things are slowly from imperfect to perfect. It is love Shanghai introduced against small site practices. Rather it is the development of the Internet should have a certain stage of the product. In this period, under such circumstances, Scindapsus algorithm will have, just early and late. Scindapsus algorithm tells us only introduced the real strength of the people, can adapt to any situation, in order to rough top. Not to be eliminated. read more

The third party blog Sina blog optimization promotion experience sharing

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say that how to optimize the third party blog? I was in A5, CHINAZ, IM286, Shanghai dragon WHY forum has released Sina small Soft blog optimization settings, actually a lot of Shanghai dragon ER replies do not know set third party blog optimization, confused o ())) ^ o alas, here I will tell you:

to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the third party blog. The third party blog advantage: webmaster can save the cost of space domain name directly set up blog, of course also eliminates the trouble of domain name registration; the third party blog with its parent station powerful blog popularity, highly interactive, a number of recommended high quality blog to be read and reproduced is independent blog which can not be achieved, to bring you the benefits of course is obvious; third blog weight is very high, very conducive to the website included rankings. The third party blog disadvantages: multi functional layout is unable to achieve the business website, website source data cannot be analyzed by statistical tools, there is no independent blog or website so authoritative. read more

How to deal with the Shanghai love products company in Shanghai know love negative information as an

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l the content of the feedback, can ask questions, answer, and comment area.

L is the best description of the problem you choose some of the company’s reputation caused by bad influence.

any one company in the development and growth period, will be out of the same industry competitors and discredit. After the stay in the company for a long time, these problems also flattering. For some of the larger companies, the emergence of these problems, the company is the general public relations department to deal with; but a relatively small company, this kind of thing is to do to deal with the Shanghai dragon.

our company is doing housekeeping, when there is a negative "Guangzhou family worry is not deceptive?", and show to the first page of our brand word, the manager urged me to deal with this negative day, I also find a few days to delete this message: read more

Why is the access speed to the website plays such a big role

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The importance of

first, starting from the host

host configuration is too low, insufficient bandwidth is affected site speed. Whether it is business or personal, they blindly choose the host, only consider the size of the space, while ignoring the host configuration. So, when you choose to host, must choose the host configuration and loan rate, it may choose a multi line host, it is best to choose independent IP host.

code of

code is not standardized, will lead to slow down. Many websites use dynamic language to write procedures, a lot of dynamic web site with a loop, if the code into the dead cycle speed will lead to slow, even can not run. Remember, too much flash and JS will also slow down speed.

site access speed of

do you know how important the visit speed of website have? The user just in a keyword search engine type, can search several different sites, when the user clicks on the website, how important for users with speed. If your site loading time is too slow, the user is not to wait, even if your site in fine, and finally closed up. So, the key lies in the double business network marketing website access speed. To speed up the pace of life, people increasingly violent temper, patiently waiting for the website loading time fewer users. read more