Baoji high standards to create fertile ground for innovation and Entrepreneurship

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is now an innovative society, at the same time, a large number of entrepreneurs also emerge, provide a good business environment for entrepreneurs, local governments are to build a business platform, to provide business space for entrepreneurs.

8 5, the world’s first nuclear power plant modular high temperature gas borne by Baoji Taihua magnetic Mechatronic Technology Research Institute Limited cooled reactor demonstration project fuel handling and storage system conveying equipment transformation project formally put into production in the Baoji high tech Zone, science and technology innovation achievements re breakthroughs in this area.

"with a creative mind and entrepreneurial passion, you can achieve the dream of innovation and entrepreneurship in Baoji high tech Zone!" the director of Baoji high tech Industry Development Zone Bi Xintang told Technology Daily reporter says. read more

Chongzhou precise investment platform effect the development of electronic information industry quic

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there are many cities in our country, the economic development of each city is not the same as the current situation, a city if you want to enhance their overall strength, can not be separated from the local enterprises have settled down! Recently, the "Chengdu, Chongzhou electronic information industry chain and Jabil supplier conference" held in Chongzhou city in Sichuan province. At the meeting, the investment cooperation agreement with the city of Tianzhi science and technology company, nine Wai Development Company, maoteng technology company, Keyi automation company, and Exhibition utfinancing, Jiandian science and technology company 6 electronic information industry enterprises signed a total amount of 3 billion 900 million yuan. The settlement of these enterprises will play a positive role in promoting the development of electronic information industry in Chongzhou and Chengdu. read more

Boss must discount marketing method to double performance

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for consumers, the most able to attract people to buy is the discount. There is a jeweler boss, the store opened in the tourist attractions, his jewelry business has been bad, it is difficult to sell. When he was upset, he was ready to go on a trip, so he left a note to the clerk. Write: all discount 1/2 sales.

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Sanitary ware stores how to arrange all promotion

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entrepreneurship a hot market, good business projects can be faster winning market, the sanitary ware industry is a very good business, the market outlook is very attractive, Chinese sanitary ware market has been developing rapidly, the market capacity is more and more big. Venture capital investment in the selection of sanitary ware industry is particularly large, there are many investors have earned money. So how to use the upcoming Spring Festival to do a good job in the promotion of sanitary ware, bathroom sales promotion to enhance the success rate.

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Han sangdoo Bibimbap how to join

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Korean food in addition to the characteristics of kimchi, sushi and other restaurants, except, what do you like best? If Xiaobian I will answer, Bibimbap, South Korea Bibimbap much chowhound love, how many chowhound have a special liking to its. Han Shangdao, a leading food and beverage company, has a wealth of market experience and management philosophy. The introduction of authentic Korean food production process, as well as the concept of Korean cuisine emphasis on health, the collection of domestic consumer demand for food, the formation of the most popular Korean stone pot health fast food.

Han sangdoo Bibimbap join?


between Chinese and Korean delicacy sangdoo Western-style food, both Chinese food nutrition and Western-style food hygiene, very suitable for students, office workers, white-collar workers, such as different levels of consumption. A few minutes on the meal speed, nutritious and delicious, convenient, healthy and fashionable Han sangdoo Bibimbap meal products, there is always a right for you. read more

Beauty industry experience to share the success of the shop cheats

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every woman wants to eternal youth, beauty is a woman who often do, no time I was at home and deposited mask, if you have time to go to beauty salons, beauty salons is to create beauty business, for the customer so the beauty salon layout should meet the aesthetic realm, and then with rich imagination, which has unique style. Some people engaged in this industry summed up a number of successful shop cheats, the following is the beauty shop business strategy.

beauty shop business strategy: shop location reasonable

alone on the first floor street shops or shopping malls, but for their own shops may wish to choose the residential community in the community shops, both convenient rent is relatively cheap. Surrounding sanitation, cleanliness and beauty is very important, if the grocery stores, restaurants, machinery repair shop business will be sharply reduced. read more

The location techniques introduced sipping Xiabu Hot pot

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Hot pot shop investment you can not miss Tanggu to want to know Hot pot sipping Xiabu, sipping Xiabu Hot pot how? Look at the following small series for you.

Tanggu sipping Xiabu flavor, delicacy, to the national stage in development, has become one of the famous brand delicacy. Its brand strength, product characteristics, market competitive advantage is significant. Investment choice, businesses need to pay attention to what location? Let me see for your doubts.

1, human traffic

business venture set up shop, want to shop, we must first ensure the adequate flow of people, after all, only people in order to ensure that people eat more, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the future. Tanggu businessmen joined in concentrated flow sipping Xiabu site area, including the bustling streets, downtown, around the school and so on, can be used as reference in the site, the best in specific circumstances in different periods of the traffic investigation. read more

After 80 college students’ entrepreneurial spirit is commendable story

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is another year of graduation season now, at this time of year are college students looking for work peak, now the social employment problem has been very common, which also contains some just out of school students.

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Deputy courier company needs what conditions

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Internet makes our life more convenient, many people like to go shopping, which is inseparable from the role of courier, but also led to the development of the courier company. So many of my friends are now very want to join the courier company or agent express company, then in the agent before many friends on the net to consult this problem is the express what you need?

said if the courier company so we can take as a case of STO company, if the company is acting like STO it will cost about 20 to 500 thousand yuan, so if you want to need at least acting for STO’s $500 thousand start-up capital. The second is that you have to be very familiar with the geographical information of your agent.

for their own image and quality requirements are very high, we must serve the customer service attitude must be very good. In fact, acting on the courier company what are the conditions for this problem and I’m just finishing some of the others on the Internet for information, so if you want a deeper understanding of the information actually can go to the courier company to inspect. read more

Department of resource allocation and management of science and Technology Department held a venture

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is to encourage people to innovate business needs is more social forces, so as to truly improve the quality of people’s business, to create a better entrepreneurial environment. Recently, the Ministry of science and technology resources allocation and management department held a symposium on venture capital institutions.

  to promote the development of venture capital industry, to provide reference for the government to formulate relevant policies, science and technology resource allocation and management division in March 1st held a "venture capital institutions Symposium", inviting representatives of investment, Lenovo star, enlightenment venture, venture capital, Chinese really lattice gold 8 angel investment fund and in venture capital institutions.

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