November 12 2008 We continue our report from 1

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first_imgNovember 12, 2008 We continue our report from 11/10/08, about the finishing work in Unit 9 of the East Crescent, with this report from planning coordinator Jenn Epstein of a new experiment. “We are using ‘American Clay’ LOMA plaster, purchased from A.K.A. Green in Phoenix, for a portion of the wall in our new ADA unit currently under construction. The clay plaster has a negative ionic charge, claimed to affect inhabitants mood, repels dust, as well as creating a latent heat flux within the space moderating the temperature. For unit 9 we are using the Mauna Loa pigment with a sanded primer over drywall. [Photo & text: Jenn Epstein] We use hand texturing to impress a design into the plaster to make it more of a focal point of the room.” [Photo & text: Jenn Epstein] This report continues the week of Dec.8.2008. [Photo & text: Jenn Epstein]last_img

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