Teach you how to correctly understand the website jump out rate

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3. bounce rate to test fine quality

two, and page out rate

> page navigation How to get

first bounce rate can reflect the correlation of the page, what we do and whether the contents of the keywords are related, if it is not related to that is the title of the party, we must jump out rate is very high.

bounce rate is very simple, such as a user to enter our website page, what he did not click on the link directly put off the page, then jump out rate is 100%. Jump out rate statistics of our website is obtained through the statistical tools, statistical tools can detailed statistics of your jump out rate in one period, so whether it is love or Shanghai statistics CNZZ statistics, we want to install a statistical tool for the web site.

you go to the stage on the site, in order to better stabilize our rankings, break the traffic bottleneck, fine-tuning or revision is we must do, but for our fine tune (Revised) is right we have the effect is difficult to estimate, the bounce rate data can directly reflect the us the effect of revision. If we tune after from the search engines to flow out rate decreased significantly, so that the quality of our fine tuning is very high, we need to insist on our fine-tuning or revision. Here is the flow of the search engine, if we do our promotion after revision to exclude the chain flow. read more

Shanghai Longfeng change to love Shanghai for cyber source sites do not kneel

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of course, the network competition is no exception. Tens of thousands of Shanghai ER to seize the "crazy dragon competition overall ranking in the former" search engine keywords also proved this point; and in the pursuit of "always on top" search engine keyword ranking, Shanghai dragon ER are deliberately plan "content meaningless with keywords" Shanghai Longfeng practice also proved this point.

so, for the vast majority of domestic small and medium-sized websites, the "search engine world" argument is fundamentally wrong. On the contrary, the reality is that "the world are in search engine".


At present,

most people is a chemical site to be struck dumb, even in order to catch the "Valentine’s Day" this season of popular keywords, abruptly in the chemical industry information constantly into the "Valentine’s Day" keywords. read more

Website ranking good flow less reason and solution

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had a friend in Guiyang Shanghai Dragon Consulting the author, said in the company facing fired dilemma, later I learned that the original is because the website optimization that had the "Guiyang heating installation company" do the home page, but the boss was not satisfied, because there is no substantial revenue and obtain orders the boss will think, either lazy employees, or a network of Shanghai Longfeng no promotion effect, also believe that there is such a situation in many enterprises to work Shanghai dragon Er, finally put the rankings do go up, it is in a realistic and old classic words beat! Your job is to help the company to earn more money. Don’t tell me and I as long as the effect." The boss in effect is the same as our operating results? The answer is self-evident. read more

Website optimization from the collected from the Ranking Ranking to flow to experience what

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before, so this article will not solve the need for sharing page included a link to the chain, spiders and so on practical methods, only from the original content perspective to analyze the problem and solve the problem.

, a collection of problemsAlready mentioned the original content not included

2, understand the industry dynamics, the latest listing of products or business related information, expand the user may >

1, the combination of hot spots, no matter which industry can go to mining information from micro-blog users has focused on the hot list, love Shanghai billboard and some other list information, and then combined with industry knowledge to solve the user’s demands;

in the webmaster exchange group inside I see share of the original article, the truth from the analysis of language description and logic, is indeed a person known as the original article, too, but carefully consider, will find that there is line, what is the core content, this article to solve the user what problem basically, whose expression is clear, the user has a look at the basically unconscious will turn off the page, because it is a waste of time. Even some professional content inside, as insiders you will find some sense of deja vu, the content is being copied into the integration, as users will be disgusted, because he spent time has no access to it to the content for search engines, why is it you this page? Perhaps many webmaster will say this is my guess, is not speculation from the site index recently most of the webmaster rate can be seen in some of the scenes, with the launch of Baiduspider3.0, in order to grab efficiency is indeed improved, but do not know stationmaster friends find that website before the indexed page to recover, but also is a large area of. Xiao Bian himself the operation of the site, some of the core channel, through the combination of key options list page, the index fell is the most serious. In the semantic search engine analysis ability strong, in fact, from the search engine to weaken the influence weight of the chain you can see to the horizon, so don’t guess is not important, important is the search engine has indeed entered another era. The original articles are not included, how are we going to do? Are you or did not understand the true meaning of the original, Xiao Bian also points to the webmaster friends to share it, to facilitate reference test. read more

Webmaster onlookers how to solve the phenomenon of weak open site

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third, do website details. Can not deny that there are still many people now stationmaster is white. The code is not very deep understanding, technical skills are not mature enough. Most of the time their station material are directly downloaded from some websites, appear spaces, line breaks, repeat B tag, DIV tag will repeat the code, and some do not need redundant code. On the web site will certainly affect the loading speed, therefore, if we use the free code, we must pay attention to make the appropriate changes, do not directly use. Not only is the above, advertising.

one to choose an awesome host service provider. No matter how many objective factors, host suck is flawed. Although the roots do need to control costs, but we can’t give up there is no limit to what the money is. Before I saw some 10 stations of a IP, how can such a crowded station environment card? 77 card game’s own station had losses, so choose a suitable host service provider is very important, of course, if you are online website, so money and energy permits I advise you or replace or upgrade the host hosting service providers, after all, in the long run, the length of short, of course you don’t have too high expectations on site visits, so it can be appropriate to reduce the standard. read more

With love Shanghai of their own website optimization guide

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East Cinema:

: the first site of the title of the written



good site architectureThe structure of

page: the title_ _ channel name site name

channel page: 2012 new horror movie – good horror film – popular horror movie – east cinema

love Shanghai suggestions:

will ask: "Shanghai dragon optimization in the end how to do?" in fact, the question of different Shanghai Longfeng workers will have a different view. So for many novices, who should we believe? Is a peer competitor for the standard? Imitate the practice of others, or even directly copy the template? The answer is simple, whether it is love or Shanghai Google have optimization guide Shanghai dragon most official, but many novice said at the Shanghai dragon is not see it does not seem to reveal what the secret of Shanghai dragon. You are wrong, Shanghai dragon optimization guide worth to study. We can only try to keep the distance with the search engine, good gossip anyway, the author will combine the "love Shanghai East cinema optimization own guide" analysis: read more

Third party medical consultation website can do

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I think this method is credible, and can make a lot of money, I now work in a private hospital, work is the main content of a web site optimization do things, do a keyword based on my experience (if it is a new web site), but also need at least 3 months if time is an old station, it takes twenty days to a month or so. Of course, do the keywords may be even larger difficulty. There are now some Internet companies set up a special department to do the third party medical consultation website, the Department staff in about 15 or so, we have to cosmetic case, need about 7 editors, responsible for website update, the number of each and every day update 50 articles about the optimization of personnel; 4 so, responsible for the promotion of the chain to add other media and forums, 2 management personnel. The profit model mainly is through to the hospital to take customer rebate, this website can do if it is very promising. Now basically so private hospitals have carried out offline marketing, is inviting salesman to beauty salons, clinics, through these places in patients after they give rebate rebate, most of operation is more than 25%, this is very high. read more