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webmaster tools to estimate the nobility baby most owners are not unfamiliar, search engine and webmaster communication platform. It can be through the foreign chain and the anchor text monitoring, spiders crawl and sitemap submission, search queries and web site keywords, Robots test, internal links and other information, to understand and grasp the performance of web search engine. In a word, through the Google administrator tools, you can make your site look more thorough, careful study, convenient to the site before you can be an antidote against the disease, disease, the site has a good performance in the search engine. read more


3B, a fundamental reason for warA lot of

China local search engines, soso, Sogou, search, instant and so on, but these are not caused by the Shanghai gangster love excitement, even if the original Sogou never tease, love Shanghai is also a perfect gentleman like. The reason is very simple, the original love of Shanghai has not yet become a real monopoly, he also has a very strong opponent – noble baby. Noble baby to love Shanghai, like Chen Youliang Zhu Yuanzhang, like Shanghai in soso, Sogou love seems like a Shicheng, not very critical opponents, so did not appear, SB war SOB war…… After the early morning of March 23, 2010, from China, noble baby love, since then, Shanghai officially became Chinese search engine monopolist. After that, users also follow the love of Shanghai leader Robin Li, entered the search results of the first second full screen screen is a new era for advertising. In the face of great interest, all monopolists have a habit of thinking, get rid of and maintain their monopoly position. I love Shanghai will try to suppress any effect on the position of the threat. Soso, Sogou, and immediately in the aristocratic era has baby with poor flow proved himself to love Shanghai made a threat, and immediately have government background, Shanghai is not love or disdain with their hands. So there is a benefit, often accused of their monopoly, love Shanghai can be countered: "we do not have a monopoly, Chinese and soso, Sogou, immediately, these search engines". read more



three, understand the

, a rival view website main push products

characteristics is to meet the user search habits, will rival keywords and their comparison, from the analysis of the current situation of the industry is more in line with the preference of the user keywords, you may think that a web site keywords so much to one analysis requires too much time, in fact, a lot of keyword column is no big difference. Just looking for a point selection is relatively easy.

between the competitors and their daily web site transformation of the number of users, the daily flow of natural number, keywords ranking and so on, from the analysis of key words which is more conducive to the conversion, which method can increase the natural flow, which is beneficial to the improvement of platform ranking optimization keywords, these are as > read more


is one of the main driving force of the external links rankings, so after the website construction is good, need to find some related site to exchange links to a website. If this is a new web site early can find some PR value is relatively low but the relevance of the site to exchange, to the late accumulation time is longer, the higher the PR value, and then find some more peer sites to exchange links. Some suggestions based on the above love Shanghai optimization, enterprises can according to the three suggestions, control and optimize their own enterprise website. read more


more and more feel now the company really own beat, because a strong fighting capacity optimization company not only reflected in the technical ability, but also reflected in the integration of a team, take me to work every day now, although there is pressure, but very happy, this imperceptibly improve the fighting capacity of members. Said it had said that my team leader, we have optimized leader in this respect do very well, not only excellent professional skills, more people admire his knowledge can be flexibly applied to practice, let the abstract ability to change into the image of the forward force, then how to get website optimization thinking flexibly to the management team in read more


power, fame, public figures, popular scholars and so on, it can be a convincing example immediately, with rich dad’s name, translation to foreign content such as BBS discovery which had the integrity of production companies, while a smart casual packaging is a modern person the mainstream.

All of the following 3. 2. people have paid

this is our deep understanding of the network after the view, we can not be arrogant to deny other options, such as R & D center market, retail stores, interpersonal context, outdoor media and so on, so the network is to promote coexistence of " " station coexist in the business management perspective and various options, network promotion some unique characteristics is very strong, in the business management, network promotion to advertise what people see, how to promote their products to sell more. read more



multiplication, multiplication principle is through several different numbers to create another number, and we in the positioning of the site keywords is such a reason, is not to say that the website keywords choice only use subtraction method, we can also do the multiplication principle, such as your keywords are diet pills, diet products so, we can use multiplication principle to create another kind of key words, and then, the slimming weight-loss method. Although this is not inevitable, but as a webmaster can use multiplication principle to open up a new flow, and can read more


love Shanghai "a number of home price index" page number "top-level domain name domain name Title keywords ranking" in Haizi occupyingsite love Shanghai "product index number.

words, not blindly according to their own psychological thoughts to choose (a common problem of most enterprise station), but to stand in the user’s point of view to think, then consider some important indicators:

there are many, but to say, the above is one of the key points, or again, the title of the site is selected to optimize to > read more


The specific contents are:

site entrance key columns should be diversified and reasonable, the maximum to the spider crawling, so the spider can quickly crawl the site key column content.

The specific contents are:

2, the main basic data of

analysis on a web site, the first step is to base the site analysis, the basic situation of the station to understand and simple analysis. The basis of site analysis is very simple, but the entire station analysis, so it can not be sloppy treat.


4, ZhengZhan keywords layout read more


promotion website weight is the most headache thing, but also some Er Shanghai Longfeng headache, because received a new website, want in a short time to upgrade the basic keyword ranking is very difficult, this is mainly determined by the weights of the website. I do is a Taobao shopping guide website shopping tide, so how to enhance the website weight with the fastest way to

?The weight of

second, is also the most important point is to optimize the link structure, including the site within the chain, site outside the chain, the chain structure is every webmaster favorite things, including love, Shanghai Post Bar encyclopedia, quiz, network favorites, soft, BBS, forum, blog and so on, the construction of the chain many methods the each stationmaster pays much attention to the construction of the chain, this point is no doubt, there is also no longer go into detail how to set up the chain. As for the chain, I think in the website content at the same time, we have noticed the construction of simple anchor text, this is the chain structure, including the internal link keywords to the home page, link to other pages and other related articles, the chain structure can examine large sites, such as Sina, > read more


for the novice, how do Taobao guest is indeed a very real problem, at first did not understand Taobao off before, in the mind also must have a clear understanding of how to correctly view Taobao customers, how to correct understanding of yourself, which we need to solve the problem.

has now not kind or not to evaluate the shlf1314 Adsense, with the increase of users and advertising competition shlf1314 Adsense are trying to modify the user’s degree of moderation.

Before the

now shlf1314 is a very cool, cool in it still not willing to act on their own to do more to explain. read more


commonly known as external link chain. If the A page to page B, then the A link to the page B page is the external links, the chain is also known as B page. For example: Keywords A page: two methylacetamide contain hyperlinks pointing to the -贵族宝贝hongrunhuagong贵族宝贝 hyperlink website – the official website of the enterprise, then a chain of the two keywords methylacetamide link is Shijiazhuang Hongrun Chemical Co. Ltd. website. Simply speaking, is outside the station there is a link to the web site or the anchor text link, is the site of the chain. read more


positioning and development community The details are as follows:

to correct a concept in the beginning before, that is the difference between the community and the forum, see the disuz system we can know, in fact, the community is greater than the forum, the main function of the community except common discussion forum function, but also some more practical function, for example, and some business the release of information, as well as the polymerization of SNS system, the community is a comprehensive thing, he in the end how to operate read more


October 23rd love Shanghai algorithm updates, the love of Shanghai system upgrade, the main object of attack for the intention of manipulating sites in Shanghai love search results ranking behavior by hyperlinks to cheat in the exams. Unfortunately my site had been hit. Although not be sunk, but all the keywords website ranking all fell out of the top three pages, a sense of self is being hurt. Look at the following site directed by Shanghai small love fate form and I faced by K station to

this feature is obvious, the content of the website is simple, there are some love Shanghai only included the home page, the page also do a bit rough, just doing a special, to achieve the ultimate. In fact, this is not a webmaster wrong, but love the fault of Shanghai. read more


early, I do a simple web page of pure static HTML, used to display something, Apache servers, but I did not use the space service providers, I is the direct use of Ali cloud, Ali cloud the cheapest configuration (single core 512MB 1m bandwidth is 50 yuan /month), operating system using the centos6.5, then everything is in order to learn, so without considering the cost of such. Basic command line operation, exercise database installation and basic commands familiar with CentOS (at the time of static pages did not use the database), learning HTML CSS, understand the binding domain, GIT warehouse. read more


5, keep your home clean, focus on some key promotional or product information, so that people can be convinced.

2, user centered product description. Good user experience, then let customers looking to understand that he wants to find something. Please remember, Google is not your target customers. Please do not blindly Google, put your product description or other content written contains a lot of Shanghai Longfeng keywords, we should take the customer as the center.

The 10 point above

1, avoid redundant registration process. The registration process or unnecessary will slow down the other users pay to get rid of useless information, you can check out and other users, give an option to register, so that users will still think about it. read more


we all know, the exchange Links, it will have the weight between our rib site transfer, help us to improve the ranking. However, if our link is not normal or right down, in some cases, it will be related to our website, so we must regularly check the chain website, in order to avoid some unnecessary trouble.

4, the user experience of


5, induced by the link

statement: This article by music website: 贵族宝贝wangzhanzhubo贵族宝贝 original anchor network submission editing, please indicate the source! read more


tip: when we do Links, generally and than their own website PR value is similar or higher, otherwise there is no much effect. Now many people do friends chain in money and high PR value of the site, before this method is very useful, but in the recent Google to punish such a chain, as for the love of Shanghai also seems to follow up.

: the first Links can improve website PR value. PR called PageRank is Google invention for a site rating technology, importance for evaluation of a website, rank from 1 to 10, the higher the level that the higher the degree of attention this site, the general level of more than 4 even better. The higher the level of search engine ranking is high. Methods to improve their PR value of the site is the most simple and the PR value high site Links. But this method is difficult to implement, because of high level and low level sites are generally not the website is a chain, only rely on their own personal connections to. read more


website optimization!

Shi Yuzhu at the beginning of the year has been out of the Internet arena, but he led the giant group to create results, no one can be described as "Shi Yuzhu recently with no predecessors, in the readme: my marketing experience" in the book of Shi Yuzhu, some reflections on corporate culture, and it is worth the webmaster to share, especially now the website search engine optimization under the impact of the mobile Internet, into the trough, in fact, Shanghai Longfeng SEO really need to reflect, is not the site in Shanghai. In the optimization process of dragon form, some have not applied but many owners still blindly adhere to read more


Matt Cutts is a senior engineer of Shanghai dragon baby aristocracy, is certainly no stranger to him. I always pay attention to his blog, because his blog will often tell us the latest noble treasure, for Shanghai dragon, his blog value is very high, including technical and non-technical knowledge, so that you benefit from. In mid March, Matt Cutts announced that Google is punishing excessive site optimization. The announcement of your attention? How should we do what is right, how to deal with the announcement of this noble baby read more