Personalized service is more popular

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in the current such a commercial society, the same product, the operation of the shops are numerous, the price is almost the same time, consumers choose to buy the natural choice. Therefore, if you can not provide some of the characteristics of the service, want to let the shop business is undoubtedly faced with more difficulties. There is a town called hot springs in the eastern Shandong Qingdao Jimo City, a unique ocean hot spring resources, beautiful natural environment and historical and cultural heritage, has become a famous tourist attractions.

in the spa town, there is a lot of tourists love to patronize the retail shop called Abba convenience store, the owner of Wu Shaoyao smoke are particularly good. When an exchange with Wu Shaoyao, talking about how to sell cigarettes, Wu Shaoyao said: "the store more tourists, tourism is nothing more than a little estate smoke and local specialties back to friends and family." Wu Shaoyao’s words make me more puzzled, the town has a lot of stores, each selling cigarettes, and some store decoration is also very tall, why do you sell here better than others? read more

Teach you how to do website reputation

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of this era is the era of the Internet, I believe that in the future people will rely more on the Internet, so now greatly small B2C have emerged, but how to do B2C mall? Advertising is one thing, promotion is one thing; in fact, if you want to do for a long time, want to go further, from the opening monument effect.

What about the

word of mouth effect? Well, let’s remember how this process came about. How to spread it?.

first you sold out, if the guests will remember your site in the purchase of your products, if the next time will think of you in the website to buy things, make them form a kind of inertia. When guests will take this form of inertia, inertia to their spread out; then the word of mouth is formed, a push a; believe your site will slowly Business Flourishes up ~~ read more

Poor stationmaster and rich stationmaster difference

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article overview:

    this is an old article, the poor and the rich in the paper not only refers to the money, more refers to spirit, poor webmaster mentioned in this article are those who do not seriously and abusive, do not blindly.

I studied a lot of websites, know many webmaster, I found the difference between poor stationmaster and rich stationmaster is very small, it is because of these small difference, cause the difference of their income. Here I write these findings, I hope to be complaining about the webmaster inspired.

one, poor stationmaster likes to swear, rich stationmaster likes to boast

want to succeed in doing things, thirty percent by ability, seventy percent rely on connections, poor webmaster do not know how to manage contacts, and rich webmaster understand the importance of contacts. read more

Some experience of using the system

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drive system (dedecms) as a mainstream PHP station system, its simple and easy operation is suitable for beginners to use, and its powerful SEO function can not be ignored. Here, I would like to share some ideas about using dedecms.

1. voting module to take advantage of. The default vote for the system is about accessing the source of the site and voting has expired. Therefore, I strongly recommend that the new award vote to meet the content of their website, so that not only enhanced interaction, but also can effectively increase the frequency of keywords, and not to cause keyword stack. Has now been greatly improved. The system, called the vote has been not script code, but can read the search engine code. Therefore, setting up voting modules can play a big role.

2., do the inside chain is the key. Dedecms system source code has been done in the chain is very good, "specials" "recommended" "rolling" can make the search engine more included in the page. At the same time, the system background has a powerful function – "document keyword maintenance."". Using this function, as long as you set the keyword, you can make the article also appears where the specified keyword, claiming to point to the specified address (such as home page) links. At the same time, there are "dedecms system backstage automatic keyword" shortcut function. read more

Password 360 Qihoo 360 how management and operation

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has just entered the $10 billion club Qihoo 360 (77.93, -1.53, -1.93%), as an Internet Security and service companies, how the management and operation of the

this time, Zhou Hongyi, the subject of China’s Internet industry, may have been robbed.

in August 27th, he served as chairman and chief executive officer of the Qihoo 360, the market value above $10 billion for the first time. The surge in share prices came from the 2013 Q2 earnings, which had been released several days earlier: 360 of the company’s revenues reached $1.52, an increase of 108%, and a net profit of $33 million 210 thousand, an increase of 372%, exceeding Wall Street expectations.

in June this year, just ended the IPO ice season in the stocks, the earnings report can undoubtedly boost morale. With Goldman, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch have raised the rating of the Qihoo, people suddenly discovered that the controversial local Internet service company has entered the most active industry giants, Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, par – has been the Qihoo like catfish fish invasion the core areas of competition. read more

Details determine success or failure three network operators details of the problem

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tell you three about the details of the problem, we hope to operate the store to help.

as we all know, the advantages of online marketing is characterized by a wide range of services, variety of goods, low prices, convenient and quick ~ ~. You can’t see the real money, through the bank / Alipay virtual mode also let customer concerns. Then, sincere operation has become the most critical issue of network sales. Everyone will want to see here, my thing is genuine, I shipped on time, I asked the delivery according to customer, I fully in accordance with the provisions of the implementation of the Taobao customer service service is not enough so you can ~ ~ ~ you, believe you?


recently I business downturn, is around several peers shop ~ they browse the sales volume is very big, but also a large amount of ~ ~ can I always feel uncomfortable about some places ~ looking back, found the problem. read more

Electricity supplier website how to enhance passenger traffic through the first screen design

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according to a statistics show that the first screen of a website, the user’s attention above the first screen reached 80.3%, the first screen of the following attention is only 19.7%. The inspiration of these 2 data is, seize the design focus of the first screen, the conversion rate of the site has a great impact, especially for the pursuit of traffic and volume of the electricity supplier website.

highlight visual focus

users browse the site are not prominent in seconds, it can hardly user "fayan", the promotion would be wasted. Generally speaking, now the domestic electricity supplier website, the first screen placed mainly navigation and banner. Therefore, if you want to make a clear distinction between the two, without affecting the user’s first catch of promotional content, you should appropriately deal with the banner and navigation color problems. Why is the color problem? We can try to get the first screen pictures to color, color, feel the navigation text will become not clear enough, we know that this time, the website color collocation is not reasonable, color, is a very important problem to lock the user visual focus. read more

APP early on line what are more reliable channels of promotion the way

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APP initial on-line, not much money, promotional costs limited, what are more reliable channels of promotion, the way


2015 edition App promotion fried chicken Raiders

APP: basic operation promotion strategy set the tone for the online guide flow, new media brand, do the next line extension.

one, online channel

1. basic on-line

major mobile phone manufacturers market, third party application store, big platform, PC station, WAP station, download mobile phone collection station, mobile Internet applications recommended media etc. can cover the basic Android release channels: the first step is to promote the line, this is the most basic. No need to throw money, only the maximum range of coverage. The author has spread more widely recognized products and the better the dead.

– Android AppStore channel: Baidu, Tencent, 360, Ali, HUAWEI, millet, Lenovo, Coolpad, OPPO, VIVO, Play, Google, Jin, Meizu other Internet brand mobile phone, pea pods, incisive, ing, PP assistant, brush assistant, mobile phone housekeeper; read more

Do your website to find the easiest and most effective way

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many webmaster are night owl, some webmaster one day send 200 BBS, also have webmaster in a day 2 web site on line…… Of course, is the truth, but not killing yourself so tired ah, do have a website to make money than enslaved worker! Today SEO just tell some of his own ideas, we are willing to listen to listen to, think it is AD it’s over.

wants to do a website to be not tired, must master these a few truth:

1, identify the direction, do innovation, the most important thing is to do people on the network before

don’t do everything. Everything is the best. Pursuit of perfection is a false proposition. You and I are not suitable for ordinary people! Oh, this is nonsense, but also the truth! This society not a society of fair competition, accurate direction and strong resources, will make you like a duck, otherwise you will only sigh powerless in the face of frustration! This society’s eyes, is a choice than to the society! So you need to choose a people do not do, because people don’t do, you do, people will take the initiative to find your site, I believe many people do not know what to do to others to do so, it will have a chance. read more

Deconstructing the evolution road of the electricity supplier and O2O promotion system

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in the electricity supplier and O2O field, sales promotion is a major profit free behavior of operators, and during the promotion activities, the amount of purchases is higher than that of ordinary goods. Therefore, the stability of the promotion system and diversification of functions are essential for the students in the business side, and the requirements for promotion are different in different stages. Today, we are going to interpret the evolution of the promotion system.

The ontology of

promotion system

can be searched from Baidu encyclopedia, the definition of promotion is like this.

promotion is essentially a kind of communication activity, namely marketing (information provider or sender) issued as all kinds of information to stimulate consumption, the transfer of information to one or more objects (i.e., recipients of information, such as audience, readers, consumers or users), which influences the attitude and behavior. read more

do Google Adsense website today is nearly K

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, my website,, was almost audited by Google Adsense today, K,

some time ago, my onewan is a forum for dynamic network, because want to use music player plug-in, so it used the framework, the effect is out, the website is good, but do not know the day after I N to a look, oh, no Google Adsense, Dark Alliance no, is a blank, then understand what is going on, the framework of the reason, Google Adsense is not allowed to frame, because it was busy, the station also not, had been so

at the beginning of this year, because of pornographic incident, the forum crackdown, I have no record, turn off, so I got a blog, but also to prepare a case, and use the old domain name, I used to think of it this time, there is a PJBlog, there are more than 300 articles, then upgrade to the latest version, find a few good skin, but also to put on the Google Adsense, but after the discovery to the server through the access to see Google Adsense, Google Adsense April 23, 2008 in the afternoon to Chinese group sent a message, saying that the problem has not been resolved, yesterday afternoon, has not received my reply to Google Adsense. read more

Dream net withdrawal of petty bourgeoisie for young people cock wire non equity raised public web s

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young people dream, some want to travel, some want to sing, some want to shoot micro film, breaking the pattern Tucson age, there are all kinds of dreams, for young people dream to dream is to raise the public, network priority among priorities.

founder of dream network Du Mengjie

entered the dream network office, "young" breath: more than 30 20 year old boy, the little girls in the computer table "crackling" beat, with co-founder Chen Weibang and project leader Xu Xuan is also 20 years old youth. "The biggest feature of our website is the positioning of young people, from the entrepreneurial team to the project positioning, and then to the user group, are focused on young people." Xu Xuan introduced.

dream network, founded in September 2011 in Shanghai, has managed to raise tens of millions of dollars for more than a thousand projects. In 2013, Song Dongye, the original singer of the special fire song "Miss Dong", also managed to raise 230 thousand yuan of funds for her own "national hundred Station Tour" project. read more

Does portal type website suit individual stationmaster to do

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for various regions or counties of the webmaster, you may look forward to most is one day, you don’t want to work in the field, or do you feel that your knowledge and experience has been very rich, enough to let you go home to do a business of their own, maybe you love to do is your own, do things related to the Internet, so the only thing to do is go back to the construction of the local portal.

then Adsense one end can not separate operating a local portal, on the web to watch some people say local portal site does not appear to be the outbreak, that is to say, no matter how you operate will be very dull, does not appear like the type of business website that suddenly became popular, suddenly get investment. Suddenly the constant rise, local portal may not happen or highlights.

in fact for many owners, a few years of running a profitable site is not good to face every day, a large amount of information maintenance, to send a lot of information allows users to use every day, have to think of what the policy above can stop every day, very not easy to maintain a few years portal site. So the type of portal website is suitable for personal webmaster to do it. read more

How did do P in 2008

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first talk about my current use of network software, ~

I use the mail search software to promote the site, this thing is good, search the Internet mail search software, search a few days what ADMIN5.COM, BBS.CHIANZ.COM, and other members of the mailbox on hand, ten, a cattle B, the forum not let go, but to search, found email software will not work, now spam technology is too powerful, so have the mail is white, find a special email, and expensive, and many of them are liars, so I will give up this direction. Perhaps a friend found Taobao mailbox membership handmade hair would be more useful hope, which man have developed in this area to introduce us to

then I used the mass, of course those online forum mass what what I have to download a try is lost, a lot of forum is made up, but it is garbage forum, the good points of the forum verification code is good at it, even if some can be made on the go, too soon to be deleted, and is related to the hair, hair more is right down that is inevitable… read more

Do station 2 years summary of some insights

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since the first half of several stations were forced to shut down, silent for six months.

today finally found or cannot do without the site, although not to earn what money, but there is still a feeling cannot bear to part from each other.

well, how can you possibly finish writing these things?.

below to sum up their feelings, I hope all of you help, master laughed.

1 needs clear goals. Set a goal for yourself, such as how many IP will arrive in a month. Cannot XinBiTianGao, the target set too high, not easy to reach the two, but also to their cause certain hit. Suit yourself.

2 don’t hang QQ all the time. Unless you are sales or customer service, otherwise there is no need to always open QQ, QQ must have many webmaster communication group, practical is not high, there are problems to search for yourself or go to the forum for help. Efficiency should be better than wasting time on QQ. read more

Discussion on profit mode and promotion method of website navigation station

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Part 1: how profitable is the site navigation station

1: affiliate advertising is also the most conventional form of profit making.

2: search affiliate ads, maybe you do not rely on Baidu, not by Google, but Baidu Google can not help but rely on navigation stations.

3: recommended links, like hao123, 265 station, recommend a home page link should be priced in the tens of thousands to tens of thousands of dollars a month.

4: to promote their own business, such as webmaster navigation network, you can promote the domain name host for the webmaster, web design, templates, source code and other services.

5: other ways of making profits: local navigation stations, for example, can hang local brand advertising.

second part: site navigation station profit way

1, Ghost system settings default home page. read more

Accessories network my Station Road

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I was born in sales, majored in University, and managed. In June last year, I was a chance to join the ranks of the webmaster, beginning just for fun to take someone else’s website mending, minor changes and then linked to the internet. Less than a month, hey! Baidu, and other search engines a are also included, and included the situation is also good, so confidence! Just keep doing Links, increasing update the content, day and night of hard work. Who knows when there are some improvement after the hateful virus, not only his own book of infection, and the first is the goole list for your website to have malware ranks, then the server side let my site completely "the page cannot be displayed", hard months to get such a fate, heart sank. Then asked the teacher, he said the website source code vulnerabilities need to re do, fainted! I mean it for several months in the blind, do not work hard! Though I am not discouraged to continue my career site, began to do a very atmospheric name "global network accessories (, last year at the end of December on the line, hey! Good! read more

Eight questions about domain name knowledge

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if you want to invest in the domain name, then you must understand the domain name related knowledge, the following eight classic questions about domain name, will help you understand the domain name related issues.

what is domain name,


Internet domain name is the name of a server or a network system on the Internet network, and there is no duplicate domain name all over the world. The domain name is composed of several English letters or numbers, separated by "" "", such as "" is a domain name.

what is an international top-level domain name,


on the Internet domain name is from the domain structure in different poses and with different expressions, but to divide, the domain name can be generally divided into two categories, a category called "international top-level domain" (referred to as the "international domain name"), a category called "domain name in china". read more

A little experience mixed with the nternet for two years

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I didn’t graduate from high school. I wrote it only at that level. If you want to see any beautiful essays, please borrow it too!


high school didn’t read, play, then just think about playing


came to see so many people things, they also find the information, the frame of a legendary release station advertising campaign in the second of the SF average income, but also deficit into a lot of money,

because things must have at least a domain name to work day, do not know where to see a CN domain name for sale, only 6 dollars a year (for a few days before I know is expensive) try to register a.. Domain names make no sense. Follow me to the PW this domain has been with me very today, in the beginning, is in their own machine hanging above, did not buy space, your computer, while driving a legendary side web server, you don’t ask my machine configuration garbage very ah, ha ha.. While still in school is to see what the teacher said the source of what ah, then they find a legendary station source, is more than 200 K, hang machine, read more

How do cosmetic websites capture the hearts of female users

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for make-up sites, the users are female users, female sites are very high commercial value of the site. Because of this, no matter in any portal, there will not be a lack of women in this category, even if the 39 Health Network such medical websites, do not give up, want to share a piece of soup. In most large sites are mostly female channel, the whole station system and unified style, fighting capacity is not enough to say a female rival beautiful website. Well, how do you learn from the makeup website and grab the strengths of female users?

1 and figure

pictures are far more attractive to women than their attractiveness to men. On the one hand, women love beauty better. On the other hand, many of the sites with the highest rates of access to women, such as Taobao and beauty, have developed the habit of looking at pictures of women. Especially on the Internet now, literally search for women pictures, most of them are "PS" after such magical modifications, quite attractive photos. For make-up sites, as long as these pictures as the article to guide the cover, naturally very easy to arouse the user’s interest in it. read more