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walked into the North Street Primary School, it was immediately this seat to today’s elite temperament and style attracted from the period of the Republic of China: the campus, the students greet refined and courteous, liberal and dignified teachers, guests salute, broad green playground; students in the best game; as one falls, another rises cries from the basketball court, both boys and girls, a vigorous posture, healthy and lively; green shade, flowers are students walking meditation; in the engraved "Analects of Confucius" and Ancient Chinese Literature Search classic cultural wall, several students were chanting his head. read more


currently, Xining Chuangwei work has passed the stage of unannounced visits to the group of experts, technology assessment into the second stage, the comprehensive rectification of weak links, Chuangwei work in the gaps, formulate measures and feasible scheme.

Xining municipal Party committee, municipal government according to experts put forward rectification suggestions from 7 aspects to implement rectification, contact point package piece system, the establishment of long-term mechanism, intensify propaganda, strengthen supervision of health and make arrangements for technical evaluation. At this stage, Xining city will be based on Chuangwei experts’advice, combined with their actual work requirements in accordance with the technical evaluation stage, careful rectification, enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of the work, to ensure the rectification work carried out; take further measures to improve the hardware facilities, sanitation cleaning, garbage removal facilities standard Beijiexiaoxiang, rectification, aqua transformation, health and other aspects of cleaning up the dead time, increase investment, to solve practical problems in health; continue to strictly implement the municipal leaders, municipal units Chuangwei work contact point chip package system, give full play to the leading cadres of macro guidance, inspection and coordination, supervise the implementation of an important role Chuangwei work. In key positions, key areas, key areas will continue to implement strict penalties. read more


By the end of the financial accounts, 26 to January 1, 2014 this month, Xining will suspend the basic pension insurance for urban workers in flexible employment. City Social Security Bureau and the Local Taxation Bureau reminded the majority of insured personnel timely payment.

it is understood that, from December 26, 2013 to January 1, 2014, Xining suspended flexible employment in urban workers in the basic pension insurance contributions in 2013, from the beginning of the year to recover the payment of fees in January 2, 2014. From January 2, 2014 to January 10, 2014, the payment system continued for 9 days without adjusting interest. Since January 11, 2014, every year over the span pay pension insurance personal accounts start collecting interest. The 2013 annual flexible employment payment the insured is divided into 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 100% and five pay grades, according to the average wage of workers across the province last year, the payment amount were 5618.4 yuan, 6554.4 yuan, 7492.8 yuan, 8428.8 yuan and 9364.8 yuan. Flexible employment can be based on their own economic situation and the ability to pay, the level of free payment standards, payment base once a year. Optional pay grade standards, can be paid monthly or monthly, quarterly, semi annual payment. (author: Rong Lijun) read more


November 17th, mayor Wang Yubo led by Vice Mayor and relevant departments in charge of Comrade Wang Ping, on-site supervision of the railway station renovation project. Wang Yubo stressed that the comprehensive renovation project of Xining Railway Station is a major project of the provincial government, the provincial authorities correct decision support, as in Xining, the railway departments to give the city the power to the general public, and is looking forward to the. A good ending battle, to ensure the implementation of the train station comprehensive renovation project of the railway sector building project completed, synchronous synchronous delivery, the bottom line is the municipal government work requirements, municipal construction committee, city district government to further clarify the project construction schedule, leak filling, quick drying out 30 days, complete the construction task of train node station comprehensive renovation project, and strive to Xining sprint into a complete period of high-speed rail era painting.

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Reporters learned from the provincial food and drug administration, since this year, the province’s food and drug regulatory authorities to take measures to maintain a high pressure situation crackdown. To the end of October, to investigate and punish all kinds of illegal cases since 532, involving the value of 22 million 670 thousand yuan, banning unlicensed 10 households, destroyed and dealt with fake drug dens (Gang) 47, ordered to suspend business for rectification 61. The report suspected criminal cases 23 clues to the public security organs; and joint law enforcement, public security organs collaboration, investigated 5 major cases, involving the value of more than 1857 yuan; the joint public security organs involved in investigating criminal cases involving food and drug 47. read more


The Spring Festival, the Spring Festival to visit their relatives and friends go out to play, the Spring Festival is to put on a beautiful spring…… Spring Festival is approaching, many people have their own arrangements, then, during the Spring Festival weather conditions in our province? The public is more concerned about. The reporter for the reader to inquire about the news from the Provincial Meteorological Bureau during the Spring Festival, the activity of cold air in our province is weak, the northern area of our province mainly cloudy or sunny weather, including 8 to 9 days (the first two days) by the southwest airstream, the southern regions of our Province have snow or snow weather.

Enter to the Spring Festival, many people are ready to take off thick winter clothing, replaced by lightweight spring, Xu Liang reminded the public during the Spring Festival, although Xining overall good weather, rainfall is not obvious, but still the lowest temperature of minus 10 degrees to minus 13 degrees, the highest temperature can rise to 10 degrees Celsius, sooner or later a larger temperature difference, the public should pay attention to warm or go out sooner or later. At the same time, the provincial meteorological observatory will release the latest weather forecast every day, I hope the public attention, in order to arrange the activities during the festive season.

the province’s major tourist attractions of the weather forecast





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to create a national civilized city, the provincial Party committee, the provincial government’s request for Xining, but also the municipal Party committee and municipal government solemn commitment to the people of the city. 8 in late April, the central civilization office in the city of our country in the future of the national urban civilization index assessment and the national annual assessment of the ideological and moral work of minors, which is the city to create a national civilized city first battle. read more


Municipal Public Security Bureau exit entry administration department through the preparatory work, in May 15th the official opening of electronic ordinary passport management

Municipal Public Security Bureau exit entry administration department through the preparatory work in early May 15th, the official opening of the electronic passport processing. At 9 o’clock in the morning, ushered in the first electronic ordinary passport for the applicant, in accepting the police service enthusiasm, the applicant in accordance with the procedures have been collected fingerprint information and handwritten signature, the acceptance process to allow the applicant to feel all links closely, smooth and efficient, comfortable, by the presence of onlookers rush masses alike. read more


With the continuous development of the insurance industry in our province, increasing insurance consumers, with various types of insurance fraud quietly, to further standardize the insurance industry in our province, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, in March 31st, the insurance industry in Qinghai province anti insurance fraud center was formally established in Qinghai insurance industry association.


yesterday, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry, Xining rural collective supervision network system officially launched.

yesterday, deputy director Zhang Yue and Deputy Secretary of the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Ma Haiying, vice mayor Jin Jiuchen to touch the rolling ball, officially launched the Xining rural collective funded network supervision system. read more


November 18th, the Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Ma Shunqing chaired a special meeting of education, arrangements for the deployment of the current focus of education.
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welcome to enter the national information center of digital security public service system, commodity security, please press 1, negotiable security, please press 2……" With the voice prompt, Mr. Wu scraped a consumer invoice password layer and enter the password, the system quickly query this invoice for "special invoice of service industry in Qinghai Province, entertainment industry, culture and sports industry" (scratch), and confirmed the invoice code and invoice number. Mr Wu said happily: "after the receipt of the invoice do not know how to identify the authenticity, and now is not afraid to open the false invoices, invoices and false, dial the ‘10106000’, a phone will know." read more


In June 30th, reporters from the provincial government held in Qinghai Province comprehensive reform pilot work conference learned, I formulated the relevant programs, and comprehensively promote the 21 municipal public hospital comprehensive reform, consolidate the county public hospital comprehensive reform achievements, and actively explore the effective way to reform the provincial public hospital. Give full play to the main role of public hospitals, the public welfare of public hospitals, and earnestly implement the government run health responsibility, efforts to promote the management system, compensation mechanism, payment system, price mechanism, staffing, income distribution, health supervision system reform. To optimize the allocation of medical resources, improve and perfect the medical service system, promote the classification of medical treatment system, and establish a reasonable medical order.

"comprehensively promote the reform of municipal public hospitals

– break in yaobu mechanisms. The abolition of drug state public hospitals and medical supplies (except for Chinese herbal medicine plus). Reform of public hospital compensation mechanism, service charges, drug plus income and government subsidies three channels to service charges and government subsidies for the two channels.

– the establishment of medical service price adjustment mechanism. In Haixizhou pilot basis, formulated the medical service price reform of public hospitals in Qinghai Province, reduce large medical equipment inspection price, reasonable increase reflects technical service value of the medical staff of medical service price. Set up the price dynamic adjustment mechanism based on the change of cost and income structure.

: Perfecting Drug procurement mechanism of medical consumables. The establishment of a new mechanism for the procurement of medical supplies, which is based on the combination of centralized procurement and joint procurement, will further reduce the purchase price. 2015 start a new round of drugs and high-value medical supplies procurement work, all of the medical supplies into the provincial centralized procurement.

– control medical cost is not reasonable growth. We should strengthen the administration of clinical pharmacy, improve the system of medical expense control, and take effective measures to cut off the interest chain between the hospital and the medical staff and drugs, and strictly control the unreasonable growth of medical expenses.

— to deepen the reform of personnel system. Reasonable public hospital approved the total staff, the total of included within the scope of the staff in the post setting, income distribution, and other aspects of the use of title assessment, management and manpower management, post salary, salary changes, contract management, equal pay for equal work.

– adjust the perfect salary system.

– the establishment of a modern hospital management system. To implement the autonomy of public hospitals in personnel management, internal distribution, operation management, etc.. Speed up the formation of the hospital board and the board of supervisors, the establishment of decision-making power, executive power, supervision and mutual restraint, mutual coordination of corporate governance structure. The implementation of the chief accountant system.

, deepen the reform of Medicare payment system. Take the first pilot to gradually push the way, and actively carry out according to the head, according to disease, according to the bed, according to the combination of a fixed fee payment reform. Regulate the operation of the day and the (Tibetan) medicine non drug treatment technology, and gradually the day surgery and medical institutions (Tibet) medicine preparation, acupuncture;
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The employment issue has been the focus of concern to the masses, in the face of employment last year exams, I produce a college graduate employment rate of 88.7%; Determination of 18 business incubators, entrepreneurial drive the employment of 7140 people; 400 thousand and 300 labor force to earn a good report card 2 billion 200 million yuan. This year, the city’s employment burden is still not light, the city will be how to deal with? In May 26th, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department news conference organization, human resources and Social Security Bureau relevant responsible person gives the answer, I will choose the breakthrough point to promote urban and rural workers full employment and employment service enterprises, and create a new situation in the work of employment and entrepreneurship.

– for the crowd: college graduates employment. College graduates have been the top priority of the city’s employment, this year, the city will do a good job in college graduates employment guidance services. Market oriented employment, combined with the actual situation in Xining, the employment of college graduates to adapt to the market mechanism, improve the ability to recruit candidates for training. Further promote the construction of college graduates’ employment training base. Strengthen employment guidance services to encourage college graduates to actively integrate into the market, into the grassroots.

– employment for the crowd: entrepreneurs. I will hold a contest of entrepreneurship in Xining City, an effective platform for entrepreneurs built show project and get financial support, help a group of aspiring young entrepreneurial success, now the first entrepreneurship contest ongoing preparatory work. Human and social sector and the province’s 8 colleges and universities to communicate, to encourage the establishment of entrepreneurial incubator incubator College Guide to help more interested in Entrepreneurship college students entrepreneurship. The establishment of Xining city business support fund, business incubators, venture funded project awards, entrepreneurial guidance services, enterprise library construction project, outstanding entrepreneurial projects and excellent business mentor award, university career guidance Station premium for key. Meanwhile, the municipal business incubator base in October this year, put into operation, the annual internal force for 100 small and micro enterprises settled in the base of the incubator.

– employment for the crowd: to improve labor skills. The city will establish a vocational training system covering all urban and rural workers, outstanding land acquisition farmers training and employment of unemployed college graduates employment training. In depth, enterprises, schools and employers, a comprehensive grasp of labor demand and willingness to train, to enhance the pertinence and accuracy of training, improve training and market demand and the quality of training.   read more


In order to further regulate the implementation of Medicare designated medical institutions grading clinics, strengthen the classification of supervision and treatment, Xining City Social Security Bureau actively take four solid initiatives to help implement the grading system effectively.

at the same time, I simplify the insured remote medical reimbursement procedures for medical insurance for urban workers, urban and rural residents medical insurance to the province of medical staff due to illness, three hospitals through the province outside the right diagnosis processing services outside audit procedures, can be directly to the province’s medicine, do not need to advance to the city, the county social security bureau. At the same time due to tourism, visiting relatives, business trips, such as remote workers hospitalized in urban area of Xining city and abroad, do not need to provide travel tickets, visit the car during the certificate, proof of travel units, units to work certificate and other documents. Reimbursement of remote medical insurance expenses, hospitalization expenses invoice, only need to provide a list of expenses, hospital discharge certificate, medical treatment procedures can be avoided, the insured and the insured errands, and effectively facilitate the reimbursement of medical insurance cost.  
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"in the thirteen plenary session of the twelve session of the provincial Party committee, provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng proposed" four changes ", which requires the transformation of farmers and herdsmen in single planting, breeding and ecological care to the ecological benign cycle of production and life. Henan County, the development of these years, just confirms the scientific nature of this concept, guidance."

1 16, the provincial people’s Congress in the first meeting of the provincial people’s Congress, the first meeting of the six press conference, Huangnan, Henan county Party Secretary Han Hua Henan county to promote the ecological cycle of production and life of the experience and practice are introduced. He said, in the economic and social development, Henan conscientiously implement the general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai in the "four major solid" requirements, firmly establish the "development in protection, protection in development" concept, and always will be an important starting point for the construction of ecological civilization, features industry cultivation, create brand benefit etc. as the income of people, and actively explore the advance of organic animal husbandry industrialization and scale cluster effect, explore the circulation development pattern of economic and social development with the natural carrying capacity and consistent dependence, promote, do a solid job in the ecological protection on the basis of the pursuit of economic development, long-term planning and sustainable development. Achieved a solid and effective production of a virtuous cycle of ecological life. read more


7 25, the City Association of science and technology and the supply and marketing cooperatives jointly organized by the Xining region to strengthen the construction of agricultural industry organization, for farmers to increase the efficiency of agricultural services seminar. The meeting invited the Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, the City Association, the city of supply and marketing cooperatives, chase, Huangzhong, Huangyuan, three counties, the supply and marketing cooperatives, and representatives of some of the agricultural enterprises attended the seminar on behalf of more than and 30 people. The seminar was a total of 13 papers collected by the exchange, the City Association for science and technology, the city of supply and marketing cooperatives on the collection of articles to be selected, the first prize, the two prize, such as the other, the three prize, such as three. Awarded the honorary certificate at the meeting. read more


in the sound of blessing, "May you be safe throughout the journey." careful people will pay attention to, in order to take the "safe", stick to the railway, highway, aviation and other security checks danger operator in the spring tide of pay and play.

the day before the Spring Festival, more than 5 points in the afternoon, the Xining Railway Station to see Xining Railway Public Security Department inspection detachment vice captain Wei Ann Lu Wei, more than 5 points from the morning, busy for more than 12 hours after he was tired. read more


  recently, the State Bureau of foreign experts approved the province in 2016 the introduction of foreign intelligence projects, according to plan this year will have 400 people (Times) foreign experts to guide and service in our province. Through the help of foreign experts, to solve the relevant units in the production, research and other aspects of the technical bottlenecks encountered, the project will be the technical innovation of the unit and the province’s economic and social transformation and upgrading play an active role. read more


  Sanjiang source, Qilian, the United States and the United States, non heritage culture…… The rich natural and cultural tourism resources Qinghai has become a unique charm of the plateau tourism bonanza; therefore, in recent years, how to develop the tourism industry in our province, has become a hot topic of the CPPCC members from all walks of life concern. In the January 25th meeting of the provincial CPPCC eleven meeting of the second plenary meeting, the Qinghai provincial Revolutionary Committee will further enhance the development of tourism in our province level and to address the assembly. read more