An open cooperation led to the creation of a professional Sogou shopping guide engine

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days ago, Chinese’s biggest shopping website to enter the search engine market and launched an independent search engine Amoy network (, and will be entered into a collaboration with Microsoft, will be a Amoy provided by web search results, and this reporter once again landed a scouring network when found, users can switch between Sogou and Microsoft will be in the web search, this also means that Taobao and Bing, Sogou formed a new alliance.

an open collaborative cooperation will attract Sogou

reporter today landed Taobao independent search engine after a scouring network found that the contents of its Web search has been from the following content from Bing into the following". Prior to the first line in a scouring network, the results of the search using Microsoft search results will be. read more

Jingdong what attract small sellers small sellers is an important platform for electricity provider

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open platform operations for three years, Jingdong attracted to the seller of the last year, the amount of the transaction to achieve the objective of the year, said, or quite a result of the 30 thousand of the total number of transactions in the market, the number of transactions in the last year, the results showed that the number of transactions in the last year. According to my original idea of open platform most probably it did not actually happen, sellers, logistics speed is not as fast as the Jingdong may import goods, so why consumers choose Jingdong? Now, Jingdong has successfully to open platform into some traffic.

now moves to the local Jingdong, open platform to make the determination also increasingly strong, this is something all right, look for a class of attack Taobao monopoly, encouraging sellers "amoy". From the time point of view, the Jingdong’s open platform is indeed a good chance, after all, Taobao is now dividend flow phase is over, the seller’s drainage costs are too high, more and more difficult to earn money, and, as Liu Qiangdong said, breaking the monopoly is many people’s expectations. read more

50 Tmall merchants start PO Ali set up to help businesses listed office

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technology news April 26th morning news, Tmall group’s Alibaba today announced the establishment of the platform to help businesses listed office ", to build bridges between help businesses on the platform with the brokerage, exchange and other already listed or to be listed business enterprise brand. According to incomplete statistics, Tmall platform has more than 50 companies in the internal start IPO program, a number of brokerage companies have also launched a series of electricity supplier underwriting battle.


help businesses listed office Gu Ying said that Alibaba attaches great importance to market demand for good service platform for businesses, will have the relevant financial, legal, data security, business unit called the establishment of the project team, "a sort of internal flow, shear quickly effective as far as possible, to provide one-stop solutions to the most powerful support to business". read more

The car electricity supplier car received 500 million yuan B round of financing system

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technology news July 15th morning news, O2O electric car car wind ( announced that it has received 500 million yuan B round of financing in the near future, investors did not disclose, this round of financing will be mainly used for construction and marketing team.

According to

CEO Wang Zuoliang introduced Chinese car network, as the world’s largest car market, facing the whole sales growth decline in recent years, so that manufacturers and dealers have to face high inventory pressure. The car network since its inception in 2013, and gradually formed a new channel ecological structure between car manufacturers and dealers, to help manufacturers improve sales and inventory optimization for dealers, reduce capital investment and the cost of capital, forming a new chain inventory optimization. In addition to the manufacturers to relax the control of the distribution channels and the opening of the car electricity supplier development mentality has further promoted the automotive electricity supplier O2O cooperation atmosphere, so as to achieve win-win situation. read more

Enterprise micro blog marketing into personal elements

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micro-blog marketing is just launched a network marketing, because with the fiery micro-blog, both spawned a marketing approach, that is, micro-blog marketing. Everyone can register a micro-blog, Sina, Sohu, and then to update their own micro blog. Can be a joke, can be a hot spot, or even advertising. The contents of the update every day can communicate with you, or there are topics of interest to everyone, so you can achieve the purpose of marketing, this is the way to launch a new micro-blog marketing. Sina from many well-known sites have been opened, such as wholesale platform 1688 wholesale, free shopping platform so the 98 network. Can also see a lot of shopping sites, media newspapers, all walks of life are open. From the traditional BBS marketing to blog marketing, and then to the rapid development of SNS marketing, in 2010 China’s Internet interactive marketing and ushered in the micro-blog era. read more

Kingdee KS re winning the next 20 years cultivating the electricity supplier management

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June 16, 2016, the fourteenth session of the Chinese international software & Information Service Fair (referred to as CISIS) in Dalian grand opening, Kingdee KIS debut this event, won the "letter of 2015-2016 Chinese software and information service industry’s most competitive products" title, Kingdee group senior vice president, Shenzhen Kingdee chin Technology Co. Ltd. President Mr. Li Guangxue won the "2015-2016 Chinese software and information services industry leader award", and declared: Kingdee KIS, the next 20 years will be cultivating the electricity supplier management, in the industry of Internet outlet, traditional enterprise transformation and upgrading of power.

site unprecedented, and 35 enterprises with Kingdee Kingdee group deep Macao debut, as China enterprise management software industry leader, no doubt is the biggest highlight of Shenzhen Hong Kong and Macao union exhibition. From the national ministries and the Dalian municipal government leaders to personally experience the Kingdee exhibition, to achieve the integration of online and offline business management of ultimate V4.2 KIS. read more

Each electricity supplier are doing scouring the sea Amazon can rely on it to restart the business

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China is such a cruel market, no one will be waiting for you to grow up. A year is not suitable for reading may be a lot of days, but not suitable for buying and selling days are not many.

6· 18 is the electricity supplier years to promote the start as early as the end of 5, different from previous years, the price war with Tmall Jingdong, this year for the first time China Amazon hit the tip of goods overseas "banner, trying to take the" special channel sea Amoy electricity supplier in the years of exams.


China promotional venue with "2015 international brand Oscar" as the theme, in the category of Amazon selected items beginning with exclusive foreign brands, and in large quantities from overseas to Chinese for sales of food and wine.

this is not the first time in the Amazon China Sea Amoy main promotion. Last August, they announced the cooperation with the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, after two months, Amazon announced that six countries around the world Chinese user site to open direct mail, then in the "double eleven" on the Chinese sea Amoy site, the "black Friday" into Chinese business. read more

1 store alternative infiltration line to do the line under the two or three distribution

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news November 5th, billion state power network has learned, shop No. 1 is currently by extending the line distributor way to do a pile of double-edged sword: on the one hand to expand the business volume of imported direct mining; on the other hand, the channel sink, covering the two or three line of the city.

Shop No. 1 according to the relevant responsible person said, shop No. 1 began to try the line distribution from the second half of this year, the main category is the import of goods taken straight. It is worth noting that, shop No. 1 distributors focus is the choice of chain stores in the two or three line of the city, such as Shanxi meetall chain supermarket (mainly in Taiyuan, Datong City).

has the ability to sink the area, the monthly purchase amount is not less than 100 thousand, which is the number of stores under the choice of the main line of the two major standards of the shop No. 1. According to the official explanation for the No. 1 store, there are two main line distribution plays a role: one is to meet regional customer demand; two is to adopt a unified can increase the volume, so as to improve the negotiating power of imported goods, better goods and price. read more

A good domain name is half the success of the site

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what companies do a website to register the domain name? According to our general idea is a website almost to buy space and domain name registration, website was launched, but according to the current actual situation and my years of experience in the construction site, the process is not the best.

first, a good domain name can not be met, there is an advertisement called once you have nothing, though not so exaggerated, but don’t think of a good domain name is still there silently, quickly register down, this, Xie family is only a painful lesson, just a few days, with polishing the shoulder that can only be registered to, you can check the two domain name registration time know what I said is true.

second, a corporate website construction period, general 10-20 days, the Ministry of information industry and industrial ICP record audit cycle is just half a month or so, when determining the domain name, you can apply for the record, this website has been launched, the record has been almost also came to save a lot of unnecessary trouble. Especially now on record review is becoming more and more strict, one is not allowed to open the record of the site, a certain website content may pass the record, but your website does not have content is sure to pass the record, ha ha, this is our gczy features. read more

Network consumer trap survey store initiative to return May be a hoax

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online shopping often need to return, if you encounter a strange phone after the order to contact you for various reasons to return? Remind you to watch, especially if customer enthusiasm for the initiative to come to you, this is not possible because the seller is responsible for the special, but to give you the "private custom special trap".

customer service contact return card 40 thousand yuan was transferred

, who lives in Shanghai, Ms. Zhou bought two pieces of clothes recently on Taobao, after the receipt of goods, quality and no businesses find clothes described so well, in Ms. Zhou when considering whether to apply for return, claiming to be a seller Taobao customer service call came.

Ms. Zhou: he asked me a few days ago, you bought two T-shirts are not of good quality? He said is right, are not of good quality. Later, he said that you bought two T-shirts back, the money back to you, I believe. He said, I now send a link to you, you fill in the above, you can. read more

YAHOO Taiwan cable flickr tw domain name to discuss a lawyer’s letter

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      September 27th Taipei reported that large enterprises to carry out legal action to return to the network domain name of the event to add a pile, this time is the portal leading YAHOO Taiwan on the local users.

      registered and acquired by YAHOO and the domain name album website used as personal blog site users ckyuan, last week in his personal blog Blog of Flickr Hacks published articles that received from physical law law firm lawyer Cai Ruisen told the lawyer’s letter, registered domain against YAHOO (Yahoo!) in violation of trademark rights and even bargain method too, it will be required to transfer to In addition to YAHOO, ckyuan posted a lawyer’s letter, and declared in a month inside the station, thank you for two years…… I am a small people, afraid of the defendant…… He said in his blog. read more

How to choose a good network marketing team

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in recent years, network promotion and network marketing is increasingly valued by the majority of SMEs, this is an indisputable fact.

official data show: by the end of 2010, China already has 446 million Internet users! This is the big market? We want to know the fact that the number of population of the United States but also 400 million! How enterprise network to promote their products? We all know that the society is no longer single-handed into the world so we need time! A team of small and medium-sized enterprises! In this strong competition era has been very difficult to move forward, is to create a network marketing team from scratch? The answer is NO! Do not let others to do, win-win is the great wisdom! So how to choose a good team for the


an excellent team to have a first-class planning team, first-class art team, first-class team, first-class service mechanism, of course, need a first-class management team! read more

Not because the market is large and conservative

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Recently, an interview with Vice President WiMAX Mohammed – Mr shakuri forum. When talking about the China Telecom operators attitude to WiMAX, shakuri answer surprised me. Chakouri believes that the Chinese telecom operators began to become more conservative in the adoption of new technologies, they are more likely to take a wait-and-see attitude, want to see the market to mature enough, want to see foreign successful business model, want to wait until the technology equipment price is reduced to a low enough.

back to the years China government and operators attitude toward 3G and WiMAX, he said there is a certain basis.


after thinking, final answer is only one: Chinese has a huge market, waiting for the maximum weight is! This may be the communications industry

read more

On 2013 the electricity supplier price war will still be fast

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back in 2012, the big news in the electricity supplier industry is caused by the Jingdong electricity price war, in this war some people think that in 2013 the electricity supplier industry will not fight, will disappear. However, as the electricity supplier practitioners, or that in 2013 the electricity supplier price war is inevitable, still fast. First of all, we look back at the 2012 electricity supplier price war.

August 14, 2012, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong two micro-blog launched the electricity supplier hegemony fuse, followed by including Suning, Gome and other home appliance executives responded to Liu Qiangdong in micro-blog for a time, the electricity supplier industry smoke, a new round of battle prelude. With Dangdang, easy fast and other companies into chaos, is evolving into the domestic electricity supplier industry melee. (data from Baidu Encyclopedia). read more

Jingdong Mall siege is the outrage committed or indeed ills

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huge losses, capital chain tension, management and investment party infighting, forced public financing, a "myth" in the field of electronic commerce Chinese between Jingdong mall overnight become a target for all. Yesterday, the "international finance" reporter received "material" from different sources, from the sales data, gross margin growth, listing financing and operation mode of the Jingdong store thoroughly questioned one by one analysis.

In this regard,

mall, senior vice president Wu told the international finance news reporter, said: Jingdong mall funds face is very healthy, no debate on these questions. At this point the spread of a variety of negative information, it is not a benign business competition."

so, Jingdong mall is "made public", or indeed "stubborn" read more

Fair of first network business ma speech real quotations

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Ma Yun: I’m here, thank you!

thank you for coming to today’s Fair of first network business, I want to know how many today is Taobao users, thank you


how many Alibaba B2B users, please raise your hand, thank you!

please sit down!

at the weekend, so many people come to the fair network, in fact, my heart is still very moved, especially to the meeting yesterday I saw the other transaction will rarely see the phenomenon, a mother with a child, also saw a family of three, also saw a lot of older people, more than and 60 years old pulled the package at the fair, I want to go back, what kind of power will these people together, what attracted us, I think it is the hope and confidence, with everyone inside the canvas bag of confidence and hope, I think so.

I in 1993 1992, with an entrepreneurial idea, in order to try to start feeling, I have been to Yiwu small commodity market pulled the package purchase, I also went to Guangzhou Haizhu square in Haizhu at the time of purchase, the square is quite a mess, the Fair entrance, but each time to purchase, my heart is full of hope and confidence I think, to participate in such activities will change us, I think the net goods trade will open even though is not very formal, is not very good, but our popularity to it all, I feel proud and happy, here are 80s and 90s together, you are change the world and the future. read more

Wen wild talk about the vision of the company’s Web site construction must be long term

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, Hello, I am Chengdu the wild network Xiong Wenye, today was empty, write some thoughts have been the heart, for you will be the establishment of the enterprise or to the establishment of the enterprise production test, but warned the industry counterparts, the credit crisis has not far away from us.

Profit model

network company, a special selling beyond count, Links website also called network company. But xungenwenzu, fundamental network company should be attributed to the construction site. Many Internet companies have to give up the biggest competition, the vicious circle of the most serious industry chain, looking for a new way out. However, the wild network is a still insist on website construction is one of the main business of the few Internet companies.

is a successful website construction case for website design and website design, website designers need to spend a lot of time, enterprise culture, enterprise demand, designed a set including frame, color, effect and a series of basic elements. And then by the site for the production of personnel data modeling, background building, security architecture, algorithm simulation and a series of work. Can be made one called website construction. read more

Alibaba fraud fraud Gang arrested Ma Tim sill to prevent recurrence

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Alibaba online "thief" finally.

yesterday, Alibaba and the Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau held a joint press conference. According to reports, in April this year, Hangzhou police in Fujian Province, Putian and other places on the centralized suspect arrested, destroyed 7 gangs and arrested on suspicion of fraud, fraud in the transnational network criminal suspects 36.

in February of this year, Alibaba broke the fraud door event, Alibaba B2B company CEO Wei Zhe therefore leave.

after a lapse of four months, whether the Alibaba "as a warning for the future", from the thought, management to repeat


online fraud industry chain

in February this year, Alibaba disclosure, in 2009 and on its B2B business platform, respectively, 1219 and 1107 foreign trade suppliers suspected of fraud in 2010. read more

Clothing is also online play is the word of mouth and marketing

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in the world there is no "clothing online", e-commerce developed, the Internet will be more clothing enterprises. Thanks to the rise of emerging clothing e-commerce companies, but also directly benefit from the growing demand for Internet users, the rapid rise of China’s online shopping clothing market.

imagine, there are 21 cities in the Internet users to buy a $17 billion 200 million clothing, this is an attractive piece of cake ". The "2009 Chinese masamochi Advisory brand ofclothes and online shopping Research Report" with data to the Internet — nearly 60% of the banner clothing consumers buy clothing online, online shopping users reached 80 million.

Internet is a double-edged sword. Because of it, dispense with the traditional clothing store network stores required rent and other expenses, realize low cost operation truly. Because of it, the garment industry is currently subject to industry pains. The industry gave for the PPG, the mythical rise of lightning shattered; network of land and amphibious, the size of all, is a living, such as YOUNGOR; combined with the network and undivided attention, attention, not to engage in extramarital affairs, is a successful method, such as vancl. read more

Why the young used car electricity supplier collective anxiety

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new year, spring up in the branches, but the second-hand car electricity supplier who is active or passive circles are caught in some anxiety. Car thing brother believes that second-hand car electricity supplier in the early stages of development will inevitably take some detours, pay some tuition. The second-hand car development throughout Europe and the United States, are all from germination to maturity, mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, suffering to light in the course of fighting over nothing. As the domestic second-hand car business camp, although the development of just a few years, even some has just started, seems to have been prematurely senile, suffering from anxiety disorders, and some even have been regarded as hopeless.

a second-hand car electricity supplier suffering from anxiety disorders read more