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first, increase access to tourists, temporarily opened for posting function. Now many sites are just for tourists to provide the corresponding browsing, and for some important contents tend to provide only half of the content, which leads to a lot of tourists is very depressed, the final choice to jump away. Because the same content may in other sites can be free. So in order to avoid such problems, the appropriate permissions for tourists should be open, visitors can freely browse their website content, at least able to bring visitors to the most basic trust. Of course, if visitors directly content published on the website, you can not open, because it will be easy to bring more spam sites, but this is not conducive to the website optimization.

registered user mailbox verification and personal information, of course, some personal information can be used as an option, does not necessarily require the user to complete, of course for some email verification work is to be done, so you can better identify the user, to prevent those.

The second step is to let

so this let many webmaster feel very contradictory, if not mandatory registration, then the site of garbage on the content will be very much, the final result will lead to love Shanghai site was eliminated, it is difficult to improve website ranking. Then there is no what method can solve this problem, not only can enhance the security of the website, but also can effectively enhance the user experience. The answer is yes, because the following three aspects to elaborate.

second provides quick registration. In order to let visitors quickly use a website to get more privileges, can be simplified in the registration mode, the original need step to complete the registration of the two step subdivision. The first step of the segmentation, the user can log in through the third party, such as QQ, micro-blog and other account to bind, so users do not need to register to the landing site, or just need to write the email account and registration code can be registered, in order to get more content, such as can be obtained on the website download permissions. Of course, after the visitors for this step will not be published by registered post, but can be affixed to the top, allowing visitors to have a sense of participation, so as to attract more tourists to stay on the site, and effectively reduce the site’s jump rate.

for the webmaster, more and more importance to improve site security and user experience, so many webmaster standing on the point of safety, especially in some communities, forums, in order to protect the security of the website account information better, and prevent some tourists in the web spam free, often using coercive measures that is, want to publish information, browse some of the users are to help information or content, all users need to register. If only from the security point of view, this approach is not inappropriate, but it is also the case, many of the site’s jump out rate is high, but also let love Shanghai that the low quality of this website, it is difficult to improve the ranking.

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