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1.When the webmaster


is now the mainstream search engine will be the chain as one of the main factors ranking. This enables us to master the construction of the chain is bored. The chain and the most readily available is often outside the chain of the forum and blog. These places are the most prone to spam links where. We may not notice the usual webmaster. Moved here to tell you how to identify search engine spam links.


2. theme and reply to

Reply with a large number of links to

The main features of

in the hair of the chain sometimes very lazy, will release the same theme to many forums. These same themes did not produce a different value to the users, the search engine is very hate collection and non original content. This article has released a large number of links may be judged as search engine spam links.


Not related to

5. a message similar to

A lot of the same theme

some friends do signature still feel not enough, but also with some links in the comments, no words reply, but has a lot of links. There is even a part in reply with hidden links, these are very easy to judge the search engine out. Not only to increase the effective site outside the chain, will increase the risk of cheating website.

spam links will often have some common points, mass software messages tend to be built up. The probability of such links contribute to the page No. When there are a large number of similar reply link to the same site, these links will almost undoubtedly be judged as search engine spam links.

some Adsense in reply to the theme is not subject, but selfishly and write some irrelevant reply. This reply appears to save time. But does not interact with the theme, is a solitary reply, do not contribute to the value of this page.


search engine to identify spam links, and not immediately on our website for punishment, but will add to our site

mass software is different from the manual link is sending software can produce a lot of junk links in a short period of time. Not only is the increase in the number of links in the same forum, also means a lot of forum and blog increase the number of links at the same time.

often see some Adsense in reply is "learning" and "thank you" and "too reasonable" to some very short and meaningless reply. Even if one did not see, in fact, the landlord is in question. This reply is not only meaningless, even malicious posts can be understood as water.

3. simple reply without

6. message links to increase too fast

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