Love Shanghai station search new home stunning debut three new function of icing on the cake

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of the search results page also allows you to give less, the new home will give you surprise. The title, small to the letters URL, can set the color, font size, easy to build with webmaster and user aesthetic page.


forum style renderings

independent home three new features:

forum style entrance

love Shanghai search recent good news appeared, at present, there are nearly 100 thousand sites using.

(two) added at the top of the page setting function of

(three) search results page entry style custom

to the site to provide more ease of use and user experience better products, love Shanghai station search launched on the occasion of 2 years, officially moved into the new domain name: zn.baidu贵族宝贝. At the same time, three new features for the new home on the line to help out. One of the blockbuster exclusive forum template which also synchronized on-line, this is the fourth largest industry on-line after the game, film, novel template, on-line icing on the cake for the love Shanghai station search new home.

(a) a new forum exclusive template

can meet many needs in terms of personal site settings. Previously often criticized website love Shanghai in search results page search box style single, and the site does not match the overall design style. The introduction of new custom functions at the top of the page, the website can according to their own color, layout of the search box configuration, embedded in its own navigation, to achieve a harmonious unity and website.


in order to better fit community forums, bring a better browsing experience for users. The forum style can ensure the maximum degree of love sea search content on the forum of the complete collection; the search results page can display the source and the author posts, comments and reply the number of labels; screening dimensions add a filter function according to the plate, more convenient for users to accurately find the desired content; also can search through user queries sent by this user content; with love Shanghai advanced search technology as the backing, the service is stable, there is no restriction on the number and the number of search; in particular, the use of Shanghai love Webmaster Platform Discuz! Structured data insert website again without submitting data, can be directly synchronized to search. 贵族宝贝zn.baidu贵族宝贝/cse/wiki/help wid=7& aid=114


If you have



in addition, compared to the old platform, the new home in each of the steps are equipped with the relevant documentation, detailed and clear, ready to solve various problems, the usability of the product has been significantly improved.

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