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say that how to optimize the third party blog? I was in A5, CHINAZ, IM286, Shanghai dragon WHY forum has released Sina small Soft blog optimization settings, actually a lot of Shanghai dragon ER replies do not know set third party blog optimization, confused o ())) ^ o alas, here I will tell you:

to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the third party blog. The third party blog advantage: webmaster can save the cost of space domain name directly set up blog, of course also eliminates the trouble of domain name registration; the third party blog with its parent station powerful blog popularity, highly interactive, a number of recommended high quality blog to be read and reproduced is independent blog which can not be achieved, to bring you the benefits of course is obvious; third blog weight is very high, very conducive to the website included rankings. The third party blog disadvantages: multi functional layout is unable to achieve the business website, website source data cannot be analyzed by statistical tools, there is no independent blog or website so authoritative.

third party blog is compared with the independent blog only, the blog owner third party blog or absolute mainstream, but for the webmaster but rarely choose the third party blog. The webmaster is using independent blog program to do keyword optimization or the third party blog as a link station, didn’t do the third party blog, is entirely for host and borrow the weight of third party blog link release, this article will share this time I do the third party blog optimization process.

2. Sina mail registration, registered mail seems very simple, I do not introduce more, but I suggest you Adsense on this account with the best mailbox main website domain name registration, can achieve email, blog URL, host URL domain name, easy to remember and promotion. Remember that blog address confirmation can not be modified, didn’t have to change to change.

1. to choose a suitable for your blog site, NetEase, Sohu, Sina portal blog should be the first choice, I chose the Sina blog, Sina blog after all is the first brand, China blog popularity, included, Shanghai also ranked great love.

3. is the optimal set of Sina blog Title, Keywords, Description, sina Title is Sina blog blog your nickname, this setting is only 10 words, so in the set time to the blog of sina keyword is refining; each of the labels, so the blogger wrote the blog articles the label must pay special attention to, must carefully choose the label, label the effect is an increase in the chain to highlight key words; Jane Description Sina blog is the title of each article, so bloggers write in the title of the article must be closely linked to the theme, the importance of fully grasp the blog post title on keywords and optimize ensure that the title of the novel and eye-catching. For example: TITLE (title) is the nickname ">

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