How to deal with the Shanghai love products company in Shanghai know love negative information as an

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l the content of the feedback, can ask questions, answer, and comment area.

L is the best description of the problem you choose some of the company’s reputation caused by bad influence.

any one company in the development and growth period, will be out of the same industry competitors and discredit. After the stay in the company for a long time, these problems also flattering. For some of the larger companies, the emergence of these problems, the company is the general public relations department to deal with; but a relatively small company, this kind of thing is to do to deal with the Shanghai dragon.


our company is doing housekeeping, when there is a negative "Guangzhou family worry is not deceptive?", and show to the first page of our brand word, the manager urged me to deal with this negative day, I also find a few days to delete this message:

L is a feedback connection problem for you infringement.

3. love Shanghai know feedback infringement information

l upload pictures you can choose the company’s certificate of honor what


current methods are mainly three types:


1. open love Shanghai Service Center: 贵族宝贝help.baidu贵族宝贝/index

Negative information

three, through the complaint mechanism to deal with the love of Shanghai.

l ID: if the tort choice of enterprise business, personal, personal choice.

two, by looking for professional staff to handle negative information;

in the three methods, the second, third is to delete negative information, the first words just put negative information to the second screen or on the third screen. If you do not consider the cost, direct Taobao deal, probably also 100-300 dollars a month. If not busy work, we used second methods directly to Shanghai to complain about love. In fact, I suggest that the best use of the second methods, cost savings can also face their own.

l mail must write, because I love Shanghai to deal with this problem, the first time will give you the email.

, through the brush words, questions and answers, the news source of negative news on

picture 10

I love Shanghai here to know for example:


2. choose to love Shanghai company’s Infringement — Taking Shanghai know love as an example.

l feedback account, the answer is infringement account, if it is enthusiastic netizen, you can write the enthusiastic users.

love Shanghai side handle it with 1-3>

picture 11

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