The domain name Asia today launched cybersquatters will compete

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      with the new top-level Internet domain name.Asia launched today, the enterprise is to speed up the launch of a new round of competition and cybersquatters.

      cybersquatters will buy with celebrities, successful companies or services related to the domain name, the domain name is entirely in order to resell them to those people or companies from profit. The emergence of a new domain name is a potential gold mine.

      domain name competition in the entertainment industry may be on the headlines, but the business is also a place in the battle. For example, when the.Eu domain name came out last year, there are 227 applications for the registration of the domain name, is, is 94.

Li Yu 3 years of experience on Wangzhuan Xinshoubikan

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do Wangzhuan 3 years, talk about the real idea, I novice, Wangzhuan is an emerging industry, the social and legal recognition has just started to do Wangzhuan have been doing is free, never dare to play free things, a fear of being cheated, two if no ability, I registered the site estimates over hundreds. Do I have to say. The results show that most of the things are not very realistic. Finally ran is not an alliance settle a matter by leaving it unsettled payment simply does not give you, or delete iD.

to share with you some do Wangzhuan several years of experience in the network do not cling to the project, some friends bought the project had also told us that self deception does not make money only and not to make money, I’m here to tell you the most sad words deceiving people. Most of those projects is a beautiful lie, is nothing more than the idea of trying to get you to register, or become their agents, if the bid is really as good as do why waste so much time to make the project sold out read more

Lele jurisprudence illegal promotion website punishment announcement

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recently received complaints from customers, product promotion involves individual webmaster ringtones illegal content, yellow generation fees are not allowed to alliance promotion, cheat users also seriously damage the brand image of lele. In view of this phenomenon, it is hereby announced, everyone please support and cooperation for this form of promotion, please correct as soon as possible, with the termination of cooperation and sterile settlement, judiciary will be investigated for legal responsibility!
        welcome users, advertisers and website owners to report, report QQ:414357993

More information on

if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback QQ:285445 read more

How to create the maximum value with the minimum flow

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website chase flow, with almost Qianzhaihuanqian generally according to the site now as unalterable principles, but the number has already exceeded one million, while the Chinese base of Internet users has been very difficult to have growth, we have what method to get a share from these have been established in the data even if there is, and how? The investment effect and how good? On the other hand, now the portal website has started to comprehensive development, why? Because they need to keep their left behind, they need to enhance their own strength, they will cut the grass root webmaster hands of this part of the considerable traffic transfer into their hands. They have been afraid to let more grassroots webmaster success to share in the autumn winter has turned the IT industry, so they repeatedly to reduce the audit efforts, so they repeatedly raise map Content of teasing scale, many grassroots webmaster, especially those professional, this is the webmaster have become increasingly worried about their prospects, but here I found a very serious problem, we have lost in the flow, we ignore this matter to do stand, do what is the station why? Is money or traffic flow? It means money? No flow means no money? At least I don’t think so read more

The shop opened in 2009 must know the trick

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the first trick: product positioning

open a shop on the Internet, and a real shop on the net, is completely different, in the network, as long as the location of your store not too poor, small businesses can do well, even if they are selling a very popular thing, a lot of the same can be earned. Can do business on the Internet, it will be more difficult. Generally speaking, in the online sales, it is best to find the net is not easy to buy things for sale, such as special crafts, gifts, custom limited edition baby, designer clothing, electronic products and so on, so that the special fancier will find your store, if you work with him, that business is steady, back.

Second trick: the price positioning of

online sales, there is no pressure on the shop rent, no business tax worries, there is no triad harassment, so, as long as we can have a good source, it is a piece of money, it is easy. So, the price must be cheaper than the net, do not mind too black, others can refer to the price cheaper as much cheaper, so there will be a lot of money to the guests to come in, then you better service, the number of guests and become your long-term customers. read more

n the past this year in addition to death and do not turn Ctrip tourism circle there are many

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on the content, services, the value of the user’s return, can help entrepreneurs to re create passion


editor’s note: This article from the WeChat public number B block 12 floor (ID:B1-12F), author Gao Mengyang.

2016 is a bittersweet year tourism circle.

Amoy on the road, the balloon travel weekend where to play. A large number of tourist…… startups, fell in the Shura field this piece of bloodshed in tourism.

although tourism has been transformed from a luxury lifestyle for the public, but the enthusiasm of the Chinese people’s enthusiasm for the industry did not bring much enthusiasm for the industry.

hundreds of teams, hundreds of millions of dollars in investment, is also accompanied by business circles with the bubbles burst. 2013 rapid warming of entrepreneurial tourism, passion only maintained a short span of 2 years. read more

Entrepreneur Dongguan City Mo Navy share the last bus network technology Co Ltd 3 years grinding

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    the first to introduce myself, my name is Mo Haijun, born in 1990, 90 Internet entrepreneurs, and everyone else, from what are not now Dongguan City Bus Network Technology Co., CEO, today to talk about, one of my business experience, I hope to help you.

first declare that venture did not we think so simple, but it is definitely not so difficult to imagine everyone, I am 12 years old in 2002, access to the Internet, but at that age, access to the Internet in addition to the game or the game, my first contact is the legend of the game, every child have a love heart, I am no exception, I was so obsessed with the game, I remember that time in addition to playing games on the Internet is beyond curiosity, found that these things are very magical, since then I have engaged in the future, I love the Internet industry. read more